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Insights from Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Leah Amico

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In this episode, I sit down with Leah O'Brien Amico, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time World Champion with USA Softball, a National Softball Hall of Fame inductee, and author of The Gold Standard.

During our conversation, Leah shares insights into what it takes to cultivate and maintain a winner's mindset. Drawing from her experiences as a top athlete, she delves into the importance of facing fears head-on and seizing opportunities as they arise.

Leah's journey, marked by triumphs and trials, has equipped her with invaluable lessons that transcend sports and can be applied to any career path. As a college softball analyst with ESPN and Westwood One Sports, Leah continues to inspire and educate fans worldwide, showcasing her love and deep understanding of the game.

Join us as we explore the mindset of a champion and uncover the strategies that have propelled Leah to unparalleled success, both on and off the field.

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About your host: Sarah Centrella is the best-selling author of several self-help books. She is a master life coach, manifesting expert, and motivational speaker.


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