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#futureboard Workshops

The hottest trend in personal development taught by #futureboards author and creator Sarah Centrella


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Hi There! 

I'm Sarah Centrella

Creator of the #futureboards method for manifesting, and author of the #1 best-selling book #futureboards. 

I made my first future board in 2008 after my husband left me and our 3 small children.  At the time I had nothing, no job, no income and no idea how to rebuild my life. 

...that's when I created my first #FutureBoard

Back then I never imagined it would change my entire life and  tens of thousands of people's lives around the world.

I've been teaching this method for the past decade and let me tell you, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

If you are looking for REAL tools, JAW DROPPING results, and LASTING MOTIVATION for your event, a #futureboards workshop is it!


Forget old-school "vision boards"!



3 Reasons Why Companies are Using #futureboards Workshops to Motivate and Empower their Employees


"Don't waste your companies time making the same tired vision boards we were making 20 years ago! No one needs a picture of a taco on their wall, let's get real.


Gone are the days of spending hundreds of dollars on magazines, and hours looking at random crap you don't want or need. That's what we did BEFORE WE KNEW BETTER."


Private #futureboards Workshops

future board workshopps.JPG

 My workshops are customized for your audience, and include a PDF copy of my #futureboards workbook for each attendee, a Pinterest tutorial and live Q &A. 

They are engaging and interactive, whether it's in-person or via Zoom.

And no supplies are needed!

I'll teach  everything they need to know to make their own custom future board after our class. I'll even provide a template for your team to host a "bubbles and dreams" follow-up event, so attendees can come together a few weeks later and share their finished boards and dreams. 

To learn more, schedule a FREE 1-on-1 consult with me, I'll answer all your questions and provide a quote for your event. 

"I learned so much from Sarah today! #FutureBoards is a whole new way of manifesting and unlike any 'vision board' I've ever made."


-Sheri Salata

Co-Host of The Sheri & Nancy Podcast, Best-selling author of "The Beautiful No". Former President of HARPO & OWN Network, Executive Producer of the Oprah Show

"Today's Masterclass with Sarah was PURE GOLD! I feel so renewed and excited to manifest my future and my dreams!"


Workshop Attendee

"Learning from Sarah today helped me go deeper into my goals than I had ever imagined and helped me see what I want for my life!"


Workshop Attendee

"We took a hard look at what we really want our lives to look like, and what it means to 'live our best life.' We wrote down all our blockers, shed tears, and broke down our walls.


Sarah, thank you for helping my team level up today, thank you for guiding us through these major breakthroughs and thank you for always keeping it REAL!"


Workshop Attendee

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Grab my latest #1 best-selling book #futureboards to learn all my secrets to manifesting your dream life!


Recent Workshop Clients


Wanna book a Live or Virtual Private Workshop for your team, company, organization or event?

If you are looking for the HOTTEST TREND in personal development, a method with PROVEN RESULTS, delivered with REAL TOOLS, designed to truly EMPOWER your team, taught by the master and creator of the method (me!), then I'd love to chat!

Use the link below to schedule a FREE 15 min consultation with me to get all your questions answered and to get a quote for your event. 


Have general questions? Send us an email .