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2020 Masterclass Tour

Future Boards, quite literally changed my life...

In 2008 I found myself destitute, broke and having to recreate my life from scratch after my husband's affair ended our 8-year marriage. I was broke, unemployed and on food stamps trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild my life with our three very small children. 

It was this "earthquake moment" that sparked in me a desire to totally recreate my life. 


So, what did I do?

I Created my First #FutureBoard.

Within 18-months, I went from poverty to living my dreams as a corporate executive, and manifesting nearly my entire board! Since then, I've manifested SIX #Futureboards and an entirely new life, one where I am daily living my most "impossible" dreams. 

I am now a #1 best-selling author, a master life coach, empowerment and motivational speaker and a manifesting expert. I've shared stages with Ed Mylett, Andy Frisella, A-Rod, the cast of WAGS on E! Been featured in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, The New York Times and many others. 


And Now I Wanna Teach You How to do What I Have Done!




I am so excited to take my #FutureBoards Masterclass on a LIVE international tour!


Join me in a city near you for this rare opportunity for LIVE small group coaching.


COVID-19 UPDATE: I am now offering this course in a virtual masterclass as well.

This Masterclass is NOT your typical "vision board workshop" and I'm definitely not your typical "teacher!"

There are NO MAGAZINES at my workshops. This is not a crafting party!

It is an intense small group, interactive coaching experience designed to help you begin the process of custom creating your

DREAM FUTURE LIFE, a life without limits.

It's a rare opportunity to get LIVE, small group coaching from me in a personal, intimate setting. 

"Learned so much from Sarah today! #FutureBoards is a whole new way of manifesting and unlike any 'vision board' I've ever made."


-Sheri Salata

Co-Host of The Pillar Life Podcast, Best-selling author of "The Beautiful No". Former President of HARPO & OWN Network, Executive Producer of the Oprah Show

  • How to dream HUGE. 

  • How to remove your blocks to manifesting. 

  • How to change a "broke mindset."

  • How to change your thoughts.

  • How to rewrite your story. 

  • How to create your dream future life. 

  • How to make your #FutureBoard

  • How to use Pinterest to find your pictures. 

What to Expect

An interactive coaching experience. 

Come prepared to do the work! 

We start creating your dream future life in the room, so bring a journal and be ready to dig deep!

It's also important that you are open to the process, learning, sharing and connecting with each other. 

But don't worry I make this fun and stress-free! 

What You'll Learn

"Learning from Sarah today helped me go deeper into my goals than I had ever imagined and helped me see what I want for my life!"


Masterclass Attendee

"We took a hard look at what we really want our lives to look like, and what it means to 'live our best life.' We wrote down all our blockers, shed tears, and broke down our walls.


Sarah, thank you for helping my team level up today, thank you for guiding us through these major breakthroughs and thank you for always keeping it REAL!"


Masterclass Attendee

"Today's Masterclass with Sarah was PURE GOLD! I feel so renewed and excited to manifest my future and my dreams!"


Masterclass Attendee

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