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Vision Board Workshops
by Futureboards creator Sarah Centrella


Welcome! I'm
Sarah Centrella

I'm the creator of the revolutionary Futureboards™ method for manifesting, and the proud author of the #1 best-selling book #futureboards, alongside two other highly acclaimed personal development books.

My "vision board" workshops stand out as unique experiences, exclusively designed as Futureboards. I crafted my first Futureboard in 2008 during a challenging period when my husband left me and our three young children for his mistress. Back then, I had nothing—no job, no income, and no clue about rebuilding my life. (Explore more of my story HERE)

...that's when I created my first #Futureboard

Back then, I never imagined how it would transform not just my life, but the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Having taught this method for over a decade, I can confidently say: IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

If you're seeking real tools, jaw-dropping results, and lasting motivation for your event, a #futureboards vision board workshop is exactly what you need!

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Recent Press for #futureboards

Check out my interviews with LA Unscripted and NBC Houston to learn more about my unique methods for creating and manifesting your dream life. You'll see why my vision board workshops are so different than anything you've done before. Click the articles to read my featured interviews with Prevention Magazine and Woman's World. 

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Forget old-school vision board Workshops!


3 Reasons Why Companies are Using #futureboards Workshops to Motivate and Empower their Employees. 


"Don't waste your companies time booking the same tired vision board workshops from 20 years ago! No one needs a picture of a taco on their wall, let's get real.


Gone are the days of spending hundreds of dollars on magazines, and hours looking at random crap you don't want or need. That's what we did BEFORE WE KNEW BETTER."


My Workshops

My #futureboard workshops break away from traditional vision board sessions. No magazine clippings, no crafting—this is strategic visioning!

In both virtual and in-person workshops, I unveil my PROVEN, trademarked techniques for crafting a tailored vision of your future. Rooted in five core life categories, this method ensures a balanced, abundant, and successful future.

Participants receive actionable tools to gain immediate clarity and results. No fluff here—it's revolutionary and effective.

Each session is a blend of motivation and education, with a live tutorial on crafting futureboards. Every attendee leaves with a workbook and access to an online course for ongoing support.

Let's revolutionize your event with actionable visioning that transforms lives!

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What Clients are Saying...

"Wow! What a great session! Thank you so much, Sarah!"

Jennifer, Sr Development Manager, Buckley LLP

"I learned so much from Sarah today! #FutureBoards is a whole new way of manifesting and unlike any 'vision board' I've ever made."

-Sheri Salata
Former President of HARPO & OWN Network, Executive Producer of The Oprah Show

"This vision board workshop caused me to really think about my goals for the future in all aspects of my life."

-Karen, Marketing Manager
TM America


My #futureboards book has soared to #1 best-seller status, making it an ideal resource for your team, book club, or event attendees. It unveils my proven method for crafting and manifesting your dream life.

"Thank you for sharing your powerful message with us today, we've received such great feedback." 

-Lori Harris, Marketing Director, Nike

"Thank you so much for the great workshop, think everyone got a lot from it."

-Medalit, HR Specialist at Tokio Marine America 

"Tons of positive talk about your vision board workshop yesterday Sarah. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us." 

-Charlie Hale, Head of Policy, Pinterest

"That was FANTASTIC Sarah!"


-Priscilla, Executive Director,
Morgan Stanley

Recent Clients

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