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Sarah Centrella

Inspiring Motivational Keynote Speaker

motivational keynote speaker sarah centrella.jpg


Empowering Your Audience

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Experience the power of authenticity, connection, energy, and REALNESS with Sarah! Your audience will be motivated and inspired to create and achieve their dream life and crush their goals. Discover proven techniques for mastering mindset, manifesting your desires, future-casting success, and creating a successful balanced life.

Sarah Centrella has been inspiring audiences around the world with her incredible story and actionable tools for manifesting success. Her message and tools resonate with audiences of all sizes and backgrounds, from corporate events, sales teams, and women's groups to conference keynotes.

Sarah's Centrella Method™ creates internal drive and motivation in attendees which translates to better on-the-job performance, achievement of career goals, positive attitudes, mindset shifts, and a more balanced happy life. 

TOPICS: Mindset, manifestation, goal achievement, work-life balance, success strategies, future-casting, team-bonding

motivational keynote speaker sarah centrella
motivational keynote speaker sarah centrella

Sarah's Speaking Style

Sarah is an inspiring motivational keynote speaker, her talks are engaging and often interactive. Sarah's goal is to always go beyond surface motivation and give your audience tools and actionable steps to create lasting and powerful change in their lives.

Sarah is UNFILTERED, real, raw, and relatable. She will bring truth bombs, humor, and emotion to the stage. 

Sarah has shared stages with Alex Rodriguez, Ed Mylett, Mimi G, Gerard Adams, Lori Harder, Sheri Salata, Joan Lunden, the cast of WAGS on E!, Lisa Nichols, Iyanla Vanzant, and many other A-list speakers.

What Clients are Saying...

"Sarah is such a powerful motivational and empowerment keynote speaker, and inspiring workshop facilitator, my audience was so FIRED UP! And the results they have achieved with her methods since our event has been astonishing!"

- Jessie Lee, VP Pruvit

Mia Wright -NBA wife
Mia Write,

NBA Wives Association


"Amazing talk Sarah! Thank you for sharing your story at our annual conference. So inspiring!!"

Charles Hale
Charlie Hale

Head of Policy 


"Tons of positive talk about your talk at Pinterest yesterday Sarah. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us."

Lori Harris

Marketing Director


"Thank you again for sharing your story and your 8 powerful steps with us.  I’ve received such great feedback on your message."

"That was wonderful Sarah! Thank you for sharing #futureboards with our team."

-Nichole, Marketing & Communications, Sony

Popular Talks

Keynote Title: Transforming Adversity into Triumph: Your Path to Living the Dream


Inspiring Keynote Speaker


Join Sarah in this awe-inspiring 60-minute journey as she unveils her extraordinary transformation from a single mother of three on welfare to a best-selling author, celebrity life coach, and thriving business owner living her dream life.


Prepare to be profoundly moved as Sarah shares the invaluable secrets to creating and living your own dream life. Discover how to identify your desires in every facet of life, conquer the obstacles that have held you back, and rewrite your thinking and story to usher in new, life-altering results.


Sarah's keynote is designed for both passive and interactive audiences. Whether you're taking notes, engaging in audience exercises, or seeking answers to your questions, this value-driven talk empowers you with the tools needed to spark lasting change.

Recent Keynotes & Workshops

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#futureboards Workshop | Flood Law Firm, employee event | Virtual


 #futureboards Workshop | Sony, employee event | Virtual

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 #futureboards Workshop | KB Homes Realtors | Virtual

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Keynote Speaker | Thriver's Society Live, Irvine CA


Keynote Speaker | Empire U, Pruvit Conference | Dallas TX

3rd Annual Ladies Empowerment Dinner | Portland OR 

Keynote Speaker | SenGence Sales Conference | Alberta Canada 

Keynote Speaker & Workshop | UNLEASH | Palm Springs 

Keynote Speaker | Rise & Thrive hosted by Thrive Global & Quaker | Malibu CA

Keynote Speaker | Relentless Conference | Anaheim CA 

Keynote Speaker | WAG Academy (for wives of professional athletes) | Los Angeles CA

2nd Annual Ladies Empowerment Dinner | Portland OR

#futureboard Workshop | Scotland UK 

Pinterest KnitCon #futureboard Workshop & keynote | Pinterest Headquarters

San Francisco CA

Nike #futureboard Workshop & keynote | Nike Headquarters | Beaverton OR

Xerox Women's Conference | Stamford CT

NBA Wives Association Keynote | Los Angeles CA

BMW #futureboard Workshop | Portland OR

motivational speaker sarah centrella
motivational speaker Sarah centrella.jpg
inspiring keynote speaker sarah centrella


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