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What's Your Gut Saying? Learn to Trust Your Instincts

Learn to Trust Your Instincts.

We were all created with a magical compass, our gut. Some call it intuition, others call it instincts, or your "inner voice," still others call it God... whatever word you choose, its JOB is to help us navigate life in the best, happiest and safest way possible.

Its JOB is to protect us from danger and pain. It does so using various means, all designed to get our attention and help us make the right decision. It might send us a "red flag" when we start dating someone who turns out to be a total nightmare. Guess what? When that little voice that said; "Hey you, that dude is going to break your heart, he's not the one!" We should have listened. It tried to warn us.

But what do we normally do, when we hear those internal warnings? We argue. Why can't we just trust it? Why are we always arguing with it, trying to prove it wrong? We give it all these reasons why our gut warning could be misleading. We say; "But wait! He's such a nice guy!" Or, "Wait! That business idea sounds amazing!" Our gut will counter with; "Are you even paying attention?!” And it will send us another signal, and another until eventually, if we continue to ignore it, it gets so quiet we can't even hear it anymore.

But by this time, we've been going back and forth with ourselves so much that we’re "conflicted." I believe whenever we feel this way, it's because we are trying to argue with our gut instinct who is TRYING TO PROTECT US. There's no conflict if you heed its warning.

So, we go to our friends and say; "What do you think? Is this dude or business, or whatever going to hurt me?" And you give them both sides of the argument, and they look at you... secretly I'd be willing to bet they agree with your gut, but most friends don't feel comfortable saying anything except what they know you want to hear. So, they take your side. And you go ahead, against your better judgment and.... shocker! Your gut was right all along.

Why are we always looking for someone else to tell us what to do, when we ourselves, already know the answer?

Then what happens a few months or years later? We run into the same type of person or situation and we once again follow our patterns, even though our gut has PROOF they were right before. How many times do we need to make the same mistakes before we just, listen?

Paulo Coelho says that our intuition is the collective soul and knowledge of all humanity that has gone before us. So why rely on our friends, when we have the WHOLE human race giving us advice based on millions of historical examples.

Listen to YOURSELF. TRUST YOUR GUT. It's your personal life coach! Your very own self-help guru. It is your most accurate and reliable map to navigating a positive, successful life. You already know the answer, you just need to stop talking yourself out of it.

There's a whole chapter on this with tips and tools to help you listen to your gut in my new book All the Things I Wish I Knew.

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Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.

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