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Online Course

Transformation Bootcamp™

LIVE Session Begins July 10th

If you do better with LIVE group coaching (most of us do), then consider joining my live, virtual class for Transformation Bootcamp.


I am Sarah Centrella 

Transformation Bootcamp Online Course


I am the creator of the Centrella Method™ life coaching system and the Futureboards™ manifesting method.


And for the very first time, I'm opening the doors to my complete online Transformation Bootcamp™ 9-step coaching system to all you self-learners who are ready to learn my mindset tools, strategies for success in business and life, and my manifesting hacks.

This course packs in all the proven tools, deep-dive coaching, and insider secrets I've shared with private clients and in my small group coaching bootcamps.


The best part? You get access to this life-changing curriculum at a fraction of the cost!

Imagine having the power of these transformational tools at your fingertips, without needing to work with me one-on-one. That's the flexibility and convenience you'll get, allowing you to learn and grow at your own pace.

So, are you ready to take the leap and transform your life? Let's make it happen!

you will learn my entire
centrella method™ 
in this
online coaching course...


Skill: Master visualizing your desired outcome 

DreamIT: Teaches you how to break free from daily monotony and tap into the true desires of your heart, it helps you answer the million-dollar question... What do I want?


You'll learn the skills to turn an idea into a 3-dimensional visualization of its future reality, one that pushes past your blocks and helps you scope what could be possible without the limitations of your present reality.


This is how you find and focus on the best-case scenario so you can manifest it. AND you'll learn how to visualize it's impact on your daily reality and quality of life, BEFORE it happens. 

Skill: Recognizing and removing Subconsious blocks

Un-BlockIT: Teaches you how to identify and remove what's holding you back.

Overcoming subconscious blocks can be challenging and frustrating because we can't change what we don't recognize. These blocks show up in different areas of our lives, stopping us from reaching our goals and manifesting new outcomes. They are the ultimate sabotagers!

The two most common types are abundance blocks, known as the "lack mindset," and worthiness blocks. In Un-BlockIT, you'll learn how to remove both.​

Unblock it.png

Skill: Mindset training

ThinkIT: Teaches you how to change your thoughts, and that alone will change your life!​

Your thoughts serve as the blueprint for your future, shaping your beliefs and ultimately influencing your outcomes. If you want to change anything about yourself, or your life, it all begins with your thoughts.


Since your thoughts directly impact your results, mastering your mind is a crucial step toward achieving brand-new outcomes.

Skill: How to use your words to get what you want


SayIT: Teaches you how to use your words to get what you want.


Learn to change what you say to effectively manifest what you want and to stop manifesting what you don't!

Your words hold immense power—they predict and shape your reality. Are you intentionally using them to craft the person you want to be and the life you deserve? 


Skill: Effective Goal Setting


WriteIT: Teaches you how to write your life plan and how to set effective goals.


Learn the secret to setting goals that genuinely inspire and motivate you to achieve them! Many people get this wrong and then wonder why they're not reaching their goals.

You'll also learn how to identify next steps for ANY goal or dream, even ones that seem out of reach. My WriteIT Benchmarks will guide you in creating an actionable plan to bring your dream life to reality, starting now.

Skill: Manifesting with #FutureBoards

SeeIT: Teaches you how to manifest your dream future life! 

My Futureboards Method is unlike any traditional "vision board," you've ever made! This method is purposeful, specific, and gets RESULTS!


It's based on my bestselling book #Futureboards and is a method I've been teaching and coaching since 2014. 


It's a personalized visual representation of your goals, dreams, and clarity from your LifePlan and course journey.


Skill: How to take daily Action

DoIT: Teaches you how to identify the daily action steps needed to make your life plan and Futureboard come to life. 

Learn how to take consistent, daily action toward your dreams—the step that often intimidates people because they're unsure of what to do, but don't worry I'll help you get those answers!

DoIT is all about pinpointing the immediate next steps that bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

Skill: Resilience Training

BelieveIT: Teaches you how to become resilient.

Learn the proven strategies to build genuine belief in yourself, your envisioned future, and your ability to make it a reality.


You'll learn tools to silence doubt and fear, help you overcome the unavoidable obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments that will come on your journey to achieving everything you desire.


Skill: How to avoid plateaus and continue growing your success


LiveIT: Teaches you how to continue growing your success for a lifetime.

This step is all about steering clear of plateaus and instead, maintaining a dynamic approach to dreaming and planning for your future. It's about aligning your goals with your current self and constantly pushing your boundaries to think bigger.


Additionally, LiveIT teaches you how to embrace and welcome your manifestations, ensuring you don't miss them, and how to find joy in every step of your journey.

What Clients are Saying...

I've been coaching the tools you'll learn in this course since 2015 and it has literally changed thousands of lives. I know it can do the same for you.

More Client Testimonials

jillian rodgers.jpg

Jillian Rogers 

"If you want your entire world to level-up, take this course! I can't preach this enough, I have manifested so many big things because of what I learned in this bootcamp, it has changed me forever!"


Tascha Buenzen,

"DO IT. This course is worth every penny, I loved every step of this bootcamp. I have manifested so much since earning Sarah's Method including the relationship I'd longed dreamed of. Do this work, it will change your life!"


Melissa Rodriguez

"This bootcamp coaching is pure gold. Sarah's books are amazing, but actually learning the tools from her in this course is a game changer. It helps you dig much deeper than you could ever do on your own. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself, take the course, your future life will thank you!"

Cute Notebooks

Here's a journal assignment that I'd like you to take seriously. 

 Answer each of the following questions that apply to you as completely and honestly as you can. 

  • What do I REALLY want in my life?

  • I've achieved many of my past goals and had some success, but now what? 

  • What is my purpose? What am I passionate about?

  • If I knew those answers, could I turn that purpose and passion into something real? Maybe my next chapter, or next career? Do I know how to do that?

  • If I took a leap and pursued my passion, how would I make it successful? What would that new life look like?

  • If I could change________ about myself and _________ about my life, how would that improve my life? Do I know how to make those changes? 

  • I'm tired of stressing about money! Tired of worrying about it and feeling like there's never enough, I want to change this mindset because I know it's only making things worse, but what can I do? 

  • I'm not unhappy, but, isn't there more to life than THIS? What's missing?

  • Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with daily life, is there something I'm missing that could make life run smoother, help me feel more in control and be more rewarding? 

  • I'm a big-time dreamer, I can imagine a different life, but I've never been good at actually making the things I want a reality? Why can't I execute on my big ideas? 

  • I have the best of intention when it comes to writing goals and making life changes, but I just keep putting it off, some days I feel motivated, but not sure of what to do that will make a difference. So then I tend to just push it off for another day. How can I stop doing that? Why do I do that when I know it's not helping me get what I want? 

  • I've manifested cool stuff before, but how do I do it again for this new thing I want?

  • Why do I keep making the same self-sabotaging "mistakes" and finding myself reliving old negative patterns, even when I want to change them? 

  • My life is so crazy busy all the time, I feel like it's just passing me by and I'm not making the most of it, how can I be more present, balanced, and happy on a regular basis? 

  • I've struggled with self-confidence, setting boundaries, speaking my mind, feeling anxious, and/or people pleasing, I want to change so that I feel confident, respected, calm, and appreciated. What do I need to do?

  • I don't remember the last time I felt truly happy, joyful, and present... that's not how I want to live anymore, what do I need to do to change this? 

  • I've tried to change things in the past, but something keeps holding me back and I'm not sure what it is, it seems like all my efforts are always just a waste of energy because nothing ever changes. How can I figure this out? 

  • The biggest thing about my relationships that I would love to change is ___________. How do I change that? 

  • Sometimes I feel so negative and down on myself, or about my job, life, or career and I don't know how to get out of these ruts, what should I do? 

  • If I felt confident, capable, secure, calm, and happy... how would that change my daily life? 


Real talk... If you could honestly and completely answer every one of the above questions that apply to you... you don't need me, you don't need this course and you don't need to spend another penny on personal growth! 

...But if you Could'nt You Answer Them All 

or if you've struggled to find and implement tools to achieve measurable change, then... YOU NEED THIS COURSE, Period!


You need these tools and you need to start getting the results you deserve!


Enroll NOW to start learning and applying the Centrella Method to YOUR life. 


Prefer LIVE Coaching?

Do you learn better in a LIVE coaching environment where you can participate, be coached and be held accountable? 

Register NOW for the all-new LIVE Transformation Bootcamp 10-week group coaching session.

Begins July 10th 

*Note: this online course is included in the LIVE session

FREE Coaching Video
Get a sneak peek inside this course, watch one of my coaching videos from DreamIT.

Got Questions?

How much does it cost?

$597 for *lifetime access

Is it refundable if I change my mind?

Nope! No refunds. 

Do I need to complete the course in a specific time frame?

No. You can go through it on your own time. However, I do suggest that you start it immediately and that you set a schedule for yourself to complete it. Those who do this have the best results. Also, it is set up to open one module a week, this helps you stay focused and keep the same pace my personal clients take. 

This course is updated annually, so be sure you are going through it from start to finish at least once a year. Each time you do the homework you will get new and deeper answers from yourself, this is how you continually up-level your life and your dreams. 

How much time does the course take to complete?

It's totally up to you. There are 10 modules each with several lessons and homework, I suggest taking at least 10 weeks to complete it.

When can I get started?

Right now! As soon as your payment is processed you will receive a welcome email with all the details and the course will be open for you to login and begin. If for some reason you don't see the email right away, check junk and spam filters and email us at for any help. 

Do I need your book for the course? 

Yes, you will need a copy of my book #futureboards and Hustle Believe Receive for this course, it's the assigned reading. You can grab a copy on Amazon 

Is the workbook included?

Yes, the entire workbook and worksheet are included in the course. It's also broken up as worksheets in each section, whichever you prefer. 

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