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Transformation Coach &

Manifesting Expert

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Hi! I'm Sarah Centrella 

A Master Life Coach, creator of #FutureBoards and Manifesting Expert. I've been helping people change their lives and manifest their dreams using my 8-step #HBRMethod for years. In that time I've seen it transform lives (including my own) over and over again, in dramatic ways. 



Manifesting is kinda my thing! It's completely transformed my life. Since 2009 I've manifested SIX vision boards!

Including: vacations to Italy, Paris, London, Ireland, flying on a private jet, 2 books deals, and an entirely new life for myself and my children. 


But more importantly, I've been teaching people around the world how to do the same since 2010, and I've watched these methods change lives over and over again! 

IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE if your ready to commit and do the work. I can teach you how!

Sarah has the ability to get you past your own limitations. She has helped me to broaden my vision and dream bigger!


She has coached me through some very difficult times and helped me come through with a real plan of action. What I love most about Sarah is that she is real and her program is doable.

-Darcy, Coaching Client



One on one, individual life transformation coaching. This is a 12-week coaching program. I work with a VERY LIMITED number of personal clients at a time, to be considered, please email letting us know why you'd like to work with me, what you'd like to accomplish in your coaching and when you'd potentially like to begin. We'll reach out and set a time to connect and answer all your questions.


Spend a personal, one on one day with me in Portland Oregon for a private coaching intensive.