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Hi! I'm Sarah Centrella 

A Master Life Coach, best-selling author, creator of #FutureBoards and a Manifesting Expert. I've been helping people change their lives and manifest their dreams using my 8-step #HBRMethod since 2015. In that time I've seen it transform lives (including my own) over and over again, in dramatic ways. 



Manifesting (abundance, career, love, dreams)

Helping clients find their purpose and passion.

Helping clients define and create their dream future life.

Changing negative thinking.

Relieving anxiety, stress.

Visualizing techniques and #futureboards.

Boosting self-confidence.

Re-writing your personal story.

Removing money and worthiness blocks.

Personal empowerment.

4 Ways to Work with Me




HBR Life Transformation Coaching




One-on-one life coaching training and certification.

26- Weeks



Small group, LIVE virtual coaching.

*Time-frame and topics vary.




1-hour individual mentoring sessions on the topic of your choosing.

Private HBR Coaching

The 12-Week Life Transformation!

I am the creator and founder of the 8-step #HBRMethod life transformation coaching system, and #futureboards. It's based on the method in my book Hustle Believe Receive.

During this 12-week, one-on-one private coaching program I work with you to identify your dream future life, help you discover what it is you want in all areas of your life, and teach you tangible skills that will have you well on your way to creating that life before our 3-months together is up!


This coaching addresses relationships, career ambitions, personal goals, physical and mental health, self-talk, self-confidence, helps you gain control of your thoughts, teaches you how to reduce anxiety and stress, how to dream big and visualize, how to create you #futureboard to begin manifesting your new life, how to take action and not let fear stop you and much more. 



This coaching includes all the support tools you need to successfully apply what you've learned for life! 


Package Includes:


  • 12 one-hour private coaching calls with me ($5,700 value)

  • Lifetime access to my full HBR Course ($697 value)

  • Lifetime access to my #futureboards Course ($249 value)

  • Both of my bound workbooks ($50 value)

  • Both of my books, autographed! ($40 value)


Total package value: $6,736

Your Investment is ONLY: $4,800


*installment plan available


Find a certified HBR Life coach that's just right for you!

Featured Coaches

Kristy Barkley

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After a brain injury caused Kristy to retire from her amazing job in the NHL, she spent many years uncovering who she was could be.  It turns out that the worst diagnosis of her life, being told that she would essentially be non-functioning by 2018, led to the greatest blessings of her life. 

Kristy became a certified #HBRMethod life coach because she saw a system that combined everything she believed in, but put it into a system that works perfectly. She is passionate about mindset, removing blocks, and dreaming huge in order to help you reach all of your goals in your personal and your professional life.

Melissa Hartman

Melissa is a certified HBR Life Coach, a wife, mother, sales superstar, and podcaster.  She believes that growth exists outside of comfort zones and has continued to push the envelope in her own life and teaches her clients how to do the same. 

Melissa is also a Keto expert and an uber-successful entrepreneur. 

Sarah Huntington

Sarah is a Certified HBR Life Coach who specializes in working with women. An educator and trainer from the very start of her career, being a life coach is a very natural progression of her skills and talents. After 18 years in corporate America, Sarah wanted to help women reach their personal potential rather than help another company reach its quarterly earnings potential. Now she's living her dream by guiding women on a journey of self-discovery and decisive action! 

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