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Yoga on the Beach

FREE 30-Day

Welcome to my 30-day mind & body challenge, designed to boost your self-confidence, change negative self-beliefs, motivate, inspire, and empower you to be your very best self!

This challenge incorporates daily movement with mindset work to get the mind and body on the same page. 

What is the #selfpridechallenge?

I've created this challenge to be deliberately simple and EASY, designed to set you up for success. It's all about building healthy physical habits through consistency and accountability, while creating confidence and changing your body mindset.

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How I lost 25 pounds by changing my mindset #selfpridechallenge

I started this challenge in 2019 when I was at my heaviest and most unhealthy, both mentally and physically. I knew something needed to change, but nothing I'd ever tried worked for me. 

That's when I realized my lack of results was a direct result of my belief system, so I set out to PROVE you really can change your body with the power of your mind!

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Why Sign Up?

Because EVERY MORNING for 30-days you will receive a coaching email from me with some of my biggest tips, lessons and tools to help you change your mindset, stay on target to reach your goals, build your confidence and teach you how to build sustainable healthy mental and physical habits. 


The Challenge is Comprised of these 3 Things...

Your daily morning coaching email will keep you motivated, inspired and on track to master them all! 

Even if you already workout regularly, sign up for the mindset coaching emails, they will help you build positive, confident belifs that will help you get the results you crave in your life.

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Yes it's simple, but don't let that fool you, IT WORKS!


Women from all over the world have lost weight, gotten fit, healthier and totally changed their beliefs about their body with this 30-day challenge. 

Join me! 


Post about your progress and tag me!@sarahcentrella


It's totally FREE and I'm telling you, this coaching mixed with daily physical activity can change your beliefs about yourself and your body, FOR GOOD!

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It's Time for Self Pride Girl! 

Blog Post

July 27, 2019, that's the day I admitted I was fat, and that it was time for a change. See, up until then, I'd convinced myself that I "loved myself anyway," that I was "fine just the way I was" blah blah blah.

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