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Hi I'm
Sarah Centrella 

As the creator of the #futureboards manifesting method and bestselling author of #futureboards, I understand the struggle of turning dreams into reality.


You've likely tried "vision boards," but have they truly worked for you? Do you know the exact steps to turn your desires into tangible results?

That's why I developed this course—to guide you in creating your dream life with precision and intentionality.


My method for manifesting that you'll learn in this course is PROVEN TO WORK! I've been teaching it for over a decade. 


#Futureboards isn't just about positive thinking or pictures on a board—it's a transformative journey towards manifesting your ideal future.

Are you ready to start manifesting your dreams? 

Here's what you will learn in this course...

This course has 4 parts and includes 24 lessons covering all the concepts in my #1 best-selling book #Futureboards.

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BEFORE You Make Your Board

In my book, #futureboards, I emphasize that randomly placing pictures on a board won't magically lead to success!

Before choosing images, you must have a crystal-clear and ambitious vision for your life. This requires deep self-reflection to uncover those insights.

This course section is designed to help dreamers and thinkers break free from their limitations and cultivate the essential skills for success.


What's Blocking You?

In this part, you'll discover seven coaching modules focused on recognizing and overcoming the top three obstacles to manifesting your goals.

These modules dive deep into strategies for overcoming a scarcity mindset, dealing with worthiness issues, and confronting the tendency to self-sacrifice that hinders progress.

If your goal is to manifest wealth and abundance, this training is an invaluable asset. It includes practical exercises aimed at uncovering and dismantling these barriers and limiting beliefs from their roots.

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How to Make Your #futureboard

In this section, you'll dive into eight modules created to assist you in building your online boards, intended for the continuous growth of your dreams.

I'll share invaluable tips on selecting the RIGHT IMAGES and stress why this step is crucial.

You'll also find four easy-to-follow screen-sharing tutorials for your convenience. No matter your tech skills, you'll grasp the process and feel eager to get started.

Finally, you'll master crafting your physical board while gaining essential insights into avoiding common pitfalls.


AFTER: Now What?

This course includes a special section with five modules dedicated to the actions you should take after creating both your physical and online boards.

Here, you'll uncover techniques to speed up the manifestation process and find actionable steps you can apply right away to bring your dreams closer to fruition.

This section is packed with hands-on guidance, tools, and advice, covering topics like building unshakable determination, mastering the art of hustle, recognizing your manifestations as they happen, annual life elevation strategies, and so much more.


So, do #futureboards really work? 

Results will always do the talking when something genuinely works, and from day one, PROOF and results, are all I've ever cared about.

I've never wanted to be a "guru," and I'm certainly not "woowoo!"

I have ONLY wanted to crack the code on how REAL PEOPLE (even those without any "self-help" interest or background) can begin manifesting outcomes that previously seeming impossible. I've worked hard to make this stuff easy to understand, easy to apply and most importantly, I've PROVEN that it can work for ANYONE. 

This is what my DM's look like most days on Facebook and IG... and I will NEVER get tired of hearing these stories from people around the world who are living their most "impossible" dreams, thanks to #futureboards and the Centrella Method™.

Here are just a few... shared with permission.


If you are ready to create and LIVE your dream life, then I am ready to teach you how! Get instant access to this self-based course and start manifesting RIGHT NOW!

How do I know if this course is right for me? 

  • Are you tired of just wishing for your dreams and ready to start living them?

  • Ready to take charge of your life and create a future you truly love?

  • Unsure of what your dreams even are?

  • Had a vision board in the past that didn't really

  • Had some successes with a vision board but want to manifest more?

  • Always wanted to learn the art of manifestation?

  • Struggling with money blocks that keep holding you back?

  • Feeling unworthy of abundance, happiness, love, or your dream life?

  • Spent years focusing on others, now unsure of what you truly want?

  • Finding it hard to get out of your head and really dream big? 

  • Dreaming big but struggling to make those dreams happen?

  • Chronic over-thinker who's struggled to dream of things that seem "unrealistic"?

  • Craving more abundance, joy, and fulfillment in your life?

  • Dreaming of a career that brings both joy and financial success?

  • Longing to travel or retire on your terms?

  • Ready to turn your passion into a fulfilling profession?

  • Wanting to improve your health and wellness, perhaps lose weight?

  • Seeking mental strength, confidence, and true satisfaction?

  • Desiring to manifest the love of your life?

  • I've got you covered and so much more!

If any of these resonate with you, this course is your roadmap to making the life changes you desire.

Haven't you waited long enough to live the life you kbow you deserve? 


And start creating your dream life today!

ONLY $197!!


Got Questions?

How much does it cost?


Is it refundable if I change my mind?

Nope! No refunds for any reason.

Do I need to complete the course in a specific time frame?

Nope! You can go through it on your own time. However, I do suggest that you start it immediately and that you set a schedule for yourself to complete it. Those who do this have the best results. 

This course is updated annually, so be sure you are going through it from start to finish at least once a year. Each time you do the homework you will get new and deeper answers from yourself, this is how you continually up level your life and your dreams. 

How much time does the course take to complete?

It's totally up to you. There are 21 lessons and some are short (10 min or less, some are 60 minutes). It will take you time to read the chapters in #futureboards and then do the lessons. It will also take at least a week to find all the pictures online. I suggest 4 weeks to complete it. 

When can I get started?

Right now! As soon as your payment is processed you will receive a welcome email with all the details and the course will be open for you to login and begin. If for some reason you don't see the email right away, check junk and spam filters and email us at for any help. 

Do I need your book for the course? 

Yes, you will need a copy of my book #futureboards for this course, it's the assigned reading. You can grab a copy on Amazon 

Is the workbook included?

Yes, the entire #futureboards PDF workbook is included in the course. It's also broken up as worksheets in each section, whichever you prefer. 

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