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Learn how to Train Your Thinking to get Exactly What You WANT!

Hi there! I'm Sarah Centrella a master life coach, mindset and manifesting expert, and 3x best-selling author who's helped thousands of people around the world create their dream life! 

And now I'm offering (for the FIRST TIME EVER) a mindset training course with some of my biggest tools for changing your thoughts.

Join my mini- MIND LAB course to learn my proven tools for successfully changing your mindset.

Get 85% OFF this course!! Normally $199 grab it for a limited time only for just $27!

This training is packed with tools to help you change your mindset!


Want to learn how to your train your mind to...


  • Achieve success FASTER? 

  • Become more financially abundant? 

  • Be more confident?

  • Improve your mental and physical wellbeing?

  • Manage and reduce stress and anxiety?

  • And a lot more?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, 





Because learning how to control your thoughts and change your mindset will CHANGE EVERY PART OF YOUR LIFE!

Why Sign Up?

What I'll Teach You in this class...

PROVEN tools from my best-selling books, and my upcoming book The Mind Lab

  • My 3-step process for changing any thought to get a new result!

  • My 2 PROVEN blockbuster tools to change your thoughts and mindset NOW!

  • How your thoughts become your "mindset" and beliefs

  • How thoughts continuously create results (good or bad)

  • How to talk to yourself to get what you want

  • The biggest mistake you're probably making, and HOW to STOP making it!

Sarah Centrella and Ed Mylett.JPG

"Sarah is PROOF that her methods work. Her stuff is REAL, and it's just so good!


This is not the same old stuff that's regurgitated over and over in the self-help space. This is HER stuff! It's what she's learned through living it, which is such a powerful thing."


-Excerpt Ed wrote for the preface of my book Hustle Believe Receive

-Ed Mylett

#1 global podcast host of The Ed Mylett Show

Ed Mylett and Sarah Centrella.jpg

It's Time to Join the
mimi- Mind Lab!

  • 3 Modules with 3 training videos sharing two of my most popular tools for changing thoughts and mindset.
  • New homework and journal prompts
  • PLUS a bonus training with one of my biggest tools for reducing stress and anxiety! 
All for just $199
Grab this LIMITED TIME DEAL before it's gone!

What People are Saying About My Coaching...

What you'll learn in each module


Learn how thoughts work to create beliefs and future outcomes, understanding the fundamentals is key to applying the tools effectively.


Learn my BLOCKBUSTER, fastest working tool to change self-beliefs, build confidence and create the next version of you!



Learn one of my signature tools for how to STOP negative thoughts and START to create positive outcomes. This tool is key to removing limiting beliefs and creating new positive ones.


Learn my 3rd tool for changing your mindset, the one that dramatically reduces stress and anxiety!

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