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#1 Best-Selling Self-Help Books My  Books

I am the author of three best-selling personal development, self-help books, each shares my personal story, my proven life coaching tools, and homework so you can apply the advice to YOUR LIFE. 

I love hearing stories and reactions from readers, so please tag me on Instagram @sarahcentrella and let me know how my books have impacted your life.

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My #1 Best-Selling Self-Help Books

#1. Hustle Believe Receive was my first book, published by Skyhorse Publishing in 2016. It follows my journey from a broke single mom of three, to a woman creating her dream life for herself and her children. In it, I share my 8-step #HBRMethod (now called the Centrella Method 9-steps), plus the stories of 51 inspiring stories of people living their dreams. It hit #1 on Amazon in 6 categories on several occasions, including Motivation, Self-Help Books, and Personal Transformation. Available on Audible.

#2. #Futureboards was my second book, it expands on step 5 from my first book and goes deeper into manifesting and how to remove your block and dream huge! It will help you visualize, create and manifest your dream life. It was published in 2019 by Simon & Schuster and featured by Target stores nationwide as well as all major book stores. It reached #1on Amazon in all it's categories, including Self-Help Books, Personal Transformation, Dreams and Inspiration. 

#3. All the Things I Wish I Knew, was published by Skyhorse Publishing in 2022 and it shares the 80 life lessons I wish someone told me! It contains a TON of coaching in each of it's 5-sections: On Being a Women, On Success, On Money, On Career, On Relationships, On Parenting and On Life. 

Links to grab your copies on Amazon below, and PLEASE leave a review on Amazon when you do :) xo

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Book Bundles

Customize your book bundle and personalized autographed copies of my books

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Get a spiral bound copy of my companion homework journals and workbooks.

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