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Private Coaching 

with Sarah Centrella

Welcome to your transformative journey!

I'm a Master Life Coach and seasoned Executive Coach with over a decade of empowering individuals globally to create their dream life and achieve next level success. Through my innovative Centrella Method™ coaching program and best-selling books, I've seen firsthand the profound impact my methods and tools have on those committed to working with me.

Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about your next steps in life or Career?

As a successful entrepreneur and highly experienced coach, I understand the challenges faced by leaders, entrepreneurs and executives like you. My private coaching sessions offer personalized guidance and proven strategies to help you unlock your full potential and create the life you desire.



Need tools?


To help you manage stress, anxiety and the pressures of life and career in a healthy way? Need balance in your life but forgot what that word even means? Want to identify and get excited about what your next chapter holds and create a plan to make it your reality? 


These are just a few of the things my clients come to me to teach them tools, stratigies and methods for how to change anything they don't like about themselves, their life, or career, so they can begin living their BEST LIFE NOW! 


Are you ready?  


What Clients Are Saying...

Clare  Walker

Nutritionist, United Kingdom 

Julie  Slaikjer

Entrepreneur, USA 

My Coaching Method

My expertise lies in mindset, transformation, and manifestation, but the impact of my coaching extends across every facet of your life.


Through my powerful 9-step Centrella Method™ you'll learn tools and strategies, that will truly transform your life into what you dream it could be!


The five key areas we'll be working to up-level throughout your coaching journey:

  • Relationships

  • Career & Ambitions

  • Mind & Body

  • Financial Abundance

  • Personal Passions

Ensuring holistic and profound growth across all areas of your life. 

Bonnie Page

Partner, Law Firm

 "I reached out to Sarah Centrella in 2022  because I was feeling stuck. I ended up hiring her as my coach on the spot! It's probably one of the best decisions I've made! Her coaching changed the way I think about myself and how I interact with the world. I highly recommend her program (Transformation Bootcamp) to anyone who feels stuck or blocked. She's helped me up-level in all areas of my life, build confidence, expand my vision for the future and align my mindset with my dreams. I loved working with her so much that my husband also hired her as a coach and together we are practicing Sarah's tools and it's dramatically impacted our relationship in the best way! Hire her!"

-Elite Coaching Client

Why Private Coaching?

With one-on-one coaching, you'll experience targeted results quickly, making it the most effective investment in your personal and professional growth. Whether you're seeking to improve your mindset, advance your career, strengthen relationships, or find your purpose, my coaching covers every aspect of life. From goal-setting and vision casting to manifesting success, abundance, and achieving work-life balance, I provide the tools, support, and accountability you need to turn your dreams into reality.

See what my clients are saying



Brad Carlson

Executive Director Non-profit

"Sarah's coaching is hands down this is the best personal growth class I have ever taken! A far better ROI than many of the really big names out there (and I've taken them all). I got 10X more out of this experience when compared any coaching I've taken before. Sarah is absolutely the real deal. She practices what she preaches. She walks her talk. I would absolutely reccomend this program and her coaching for anyone. I would recommend this for an individual or company. Through this course I gained clarity on my dreams, learned to focus on exactly the outcome I desire, cleared up many of my limiting beleifs and now fully realize eveything on my futureboard is absolutely possible! All thanks to Sarah's coaching, and I've already started manifesting the things I've identified within the 12-weeks if working with her! Absolutely worth it, again hands down best personal development program and course I have ever taken. Well worth the investment!"


-Group Coaching Client

Olivia Trevino 

Founder Trevino Med-Spa

"I love working with Sarah! As a single mom and entrepreneur, I often put myself last so I have continued working with Sarah in various containers (group coaching, individual, one off sessions).


Currently I am enrolled in her VIP Membership and I love the 1:1 Sarah time. She keeps it real. She feels loving and like she is standing for what is possible for me and my business. She's a powerful coach and her delivery has a best friend energy vibe to it which works really well for me, her methods and advice has given my business REAL measurable ROI in huge ways! I am so thankful to know her and work with her."

Ready to work with me? 

New Client Special

Get your first 50-min private session with me for ONLY $147 and see for yourself just how powerful my coaching can be!

*New clients ONLY, one call per person

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