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I Believe in Me: How to Believe in Yourself When No One Else Does

I Believe in Me. How to Believe in Yourself When No One Else Does.

How to Believe in Yourself

I Believe in me. Do you believe in YOU? Don’t wait for someone to believe in you. Don’t expect the people around you to believe in your vision and your dreams, they are YOURS so YOU better be the one believing.

If you truly believe in yourself and your dreams, others can’t help but eventually come around, so be patient. Don't seek or expect their approval. And for godsake don't wait around for it, just start taking action. Sometimes the best way to for the people in your life to get on board, is just to quietly hustle, show yourself that you are serious and others will see that.

Most of the time when people are putting a damper on our dreams it's because they don't think we will follow through. Ask yourself this... WHY don't they think I can do it? I am willing to bet it's because you haven't ever done anything like it before. Maybe you've had other big ideas, or other big dreams that you talked about but never accomplished, that's probably the reason they are doubting you now. It's YOU that has set this new goal or dream for yourself. So, if you want them to believe in you, go out and start getting some damn results already! No one will argue with the results. Do it for you. Don’t do it for the acclaim, praise or adoration from anyone else, because that won’t last anyway. If you do it for you, then it doesn't matter what anyone has to say, because you've already decided that nothing will stand between you and your dreams. You got this! Do the thing.

The best way for you to build belief in yourself and your dreams is to focus on what YOU tell yourself, not what others are saying.

Here's the truth, you will manifest what you tell yourself and what you believe, so put all your focus and attention THERE. That's the part you control and it's the biggest predictor of your success or failure.

Use mottos and "I am statements" to help you train yourself to use your thoughts and words to build genuine self-confidence and belief. Here's a few I like that are FREE on YouTube.

There's a whole chapter on this with more coaching and advice in my new book All the Things I Wish I Knew, plus 80 other lessons, tips, and advice for living your best life.

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Sarah Centrella is the Founder of VIVIAMO a best-selling author, master life coach, keynote speaker and podcaster.


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