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The Vision is Everything

I didn't set out to do this because I wanted to be an "entrepreneur." I sent out to do it because I wanted to help people change their lives through writing, coaching and speaking. Building a non-traditional business like this is NO JOKE! It's a never-ending learning curve. There's so much I've had to learn that I knew nothing about, and frankly never thought I would need to learn!

The first year working for myself, my goal was to simply survive. I figured that's a good sign, ending the year intact. The second year, it was to grow. And now, as I start my 3rd year working for me, I set some REAL goals. Ones that can turn this little dream into a big girl business and create the foundation of an empire, baby! But I'd of never made it this far if I didn't have a SUPER CLEAR VISION of what my ultimate success would look and feel like. The BIG PICTURE DREAM is what's kept me going through it all. It pulls me toward hustling daily for my goals. It's what gets me out of bed on days when I wanna have a sleep-in pity-party. It's what helps me snap out of it when shit hits the fan. That vision, that dream is EVERYTHING! Because there will come a day... when I'll wake up in that life. The one that started as a thought so many years ago. I'll wake up as an ultra-successful multi NYT best-selling author. As a well-known TV personality and expert in my field. As the top female motivational speaker. As a multi-millionaire. There will come a day...

You don't need to know it all.

I share this because I work with so many people, women especially, who think they need to know it all before they start. They think their lack of knowledge in all aspects of their dream (or desired business), must be mastered before taking the first step, and so they wait. They sit on their ideas. They talk themselves out of taking action. They convince themselves that everyone else would, or is, doing it better. But here's the thing, you'll never know everything. You'll never be an expert in all areas. You'll always be learning, changing, adapting, getting better. That's just the way this works. That's HOW you learn. It's how you improve and hone your craft. Don't let the less confident aspects of your dream (for me it's the "building a business" part) be the thing that stops you from making it happen. You can take it on. You can learn it. You've got this!

Make sure your vision for your ultimate success (the light at the end of the tunnel) is CLEAR. Make sure it turns you on! Make sure you LOVE the thought of that new life. When it’s clear, when you’re surrounded by it (#FutureBoard), it will be all the motivation you need to keep hustlin’. That dream becomes #RelentlessPursuit over time.

When you know where you’re going, and why it matters, and what it will feel like… then NOTHING can stop you. You’d walk through fire for it. You’d sacrifice for it. You’d work around the clock for it. Why? Because you know it will pay off. It won’t always be a struggle. It won’t always be a relentless hustle.

There will come a day… when you wake up in that dream. And that my friends, will make everything you’ve endured to get there, so worth it.


Sarah Centrella is a 2x best-selling author, master life coach, keynote speaker and podcaster.

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