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Coaching Circle


A private, global community empowering women with tools, life coaching and strategies, to create and LIVE their dream life!

Welcome girl!

I'm excited to invite you to become part of my private life coaching circle, a global sisterhood of women who are learning my Centrella Method™ to create and LIVE their dream lives.

I'm so proud of this incredible group of women, some of whom joined when I launched in 2019, and some, (like you), have just become members.

Their commitment to transformation and the results they've received from practicing what they learn each week is inspiring and honestly MIND-BLOWING!

If you are ready to up-level EVERY area of your life, then you are in the right place!


Perks of Membership


Don't take my word for it... here is just some of what members have been sharing...

If you would love to work with a coach to take your life to the next level, there is no better value then this!

And...not to brag or anything, but I am THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT WHAT I DO!


I invented the tools I teach and have been helping clients around the world get life-changing results for nearly a decade!


How do I know if Coaching Circle is right for me?

  • Do you want to LIVE your dreams, instead of always wishing for them?

  • Are you ready to start creating a life you LOVE, vs just floating through the one you have?

  • Not sure what your dreams even are?

  • You want to start or grow your business/side hustle 

  • You know there must "be more to life" but are not sure how to figure that out or make it happen.

  • You are going through a transitional time (divorce, marriage, empty nest, becoming a mom etc) in your life and are not sure what's next.

  • You've always wanted to know how to manifest.

  • You have money blocks that keep holding you back.

  • You don't feel worthy of wealth, your dreams, happiness, love, your dream body, etc.

  • You've spent your life focusing on everyone else, now what do you want?

  • You've always wanted a group of girlfriends who love and support you without judgment.

  • You are good at taking advice and applying it.

  • You are willing and ready to commit to making major changes in your life.

  • You would love to have a career that brings you joy and lots of $$ but aren't sure what that is.

  • You want to turn your passion into your profession, but how?

  • You want to get healthy and maybe lose weight.

  • You want to be mentally strong, confident, and satisfied.

  • You want to change your mindset and reach your goals.

  • You are willing and ready to do the work, now that you'll be learning WHAT to do!

Dancing Women


Now it's YOUR turn to start manifesting, get the coaching you need to live your best life and be part of this incredible  global sisterhood!

ONLY $39 a month!

 Got Q's? We've Got A's!

What's the Cost?

ONLY $39 a month. There is no minimum commitment, cancel anytime.


When are the live coaching calls?

Wednesdays at 9:00 AM PST

Also, remember that the weekly call is provided as a recording to members,  you'll learn so much from these calls wether you join in person or listen afterwards. 

How does billing work?

This is a monthly subscription membership, meaning you will be charged the monthly membership fee, one month after you sign up. And billed monthly on the same date thereafter, unless you cancel.

If your payment does not process and the monthly membership is unable to be collected, you will be notified and have 3 days to update your billing. If it's not updated your membership will cancel and you lose your grandfathered membership rate.

To cancel, just log in to your account and remove your billing card on file, which cancels your membership.

Does Sarah lead the live calls?

Sarah leads at least one call a month, the other calls are lead by trained and certified life coaches in Centrella University

Do I need to read the book first?

It is recommended that you have at least read one of my books, either Hustle Believe Receive or #futureboards, or taken one of my coaching classes or programs, so that you will have a general understanding of my methods, tools, and terminology I teach. 

Centrella Global  LLC Copyright 2022



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