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Where Will You Be a Decade from Now? Achieving Your Decade Goals

Where Were You a Decade Ago? Where Will You Be a Decade from Now?

Are you ready for a BRAND NEW DECADE? Where will you be a decade from now? These next few days are critical to planning, designing and creating your future dream life, not just for the coming New Year but for the new decade!

Where will you be at the end of the 2020s?

Will you be living the life of your dreams? One that is MORE abundant, happier, more balanced, more peaceful, more satisfying, more successful than you ever dreamed possible? 

I know it might seem like just a fantasy right now, but I PROMISE you, if you invest in yourself, in determining what you want, why you want it and HOW to get it, you CAN AND WILL BE LIVING IT! 

I speak from experience here. 

At the start of the last decade (January 2010) I was a newly single mom struggling to survive, just 18 months out from the most devastating moment of my life.

Sarah Centrella Where Will You Be a Decade from Now?
Me with my babies in 2010

This was me a decade ago:

  • I had just gone through a nasty divorce, losing not just my husband of 8 years, but my high school sweetheart and love of my life since I was 16 years old. And he was getting ready to marry the woman he left me for. 

  • I was trying to get by on a salary that didn't cover my bills and still had me relying on food stamps.

  • I was desperately trying to build a corporate career that would elevate my life and my family's circumstances.

  • I was coming to terms with learning how to be a single mother to 3 young children. I had just spent my first Christmas alone, without my children.

  • I was so lonely, lost and struggling daily to keep it all together. 

  • The kids and I were living in a depressing 700 square foot apartment. 

But, I'd begun allowing myself to dream for the past year and was hopeful that my life could and would change. I was beginning to manifest from my first #FutureBoard and felt excited for what my new life might bring.

I'd recently started my blog Thoughts.Stories.Life., and had taken great care to ensure it was anonymous making sure I could be honest about my struggles and my dream of creating a new life. But a twist of fate changed all that when a post I'd written for another site about my personal story went viral (with my name on it!).

I was horrified! Now my story was public knowledge, and I didn't think I could face it. That day a friend of mine said something that changed my life, he said: "Sarah, you HAVE to own this. You need to be PROUD of what you've been through and what you are doing to change your life. Embrace it." 

It seemed impossible at the time, but I took his advice and owned my story, my past, and my life. That decision changed everything. It's the reason you are reading this now, it was the beginning of my new life, the life I live today. 

From that moment on, I decided to own my dreams and my journey. I wanted to always keep it real with you. I wanted to find a way to make complex self-help concepts, SIMPLE.

But most of all, I wanted to be the public ginny pig for what I was learning and teaching. I WANTED TO PROVE IT!!! I needed to SHOW you what was possible so that you could BELIEVE it could be possible for you too. 

And then, I wanted to teach you how to do what I have done, as simply as possible. I was and am, passionate about giving you TOOLS that WORK and are easy to apply so that you can change your life and live your dreams too. 

The LAST THING in the world that I want, is for you to be a bystander in your life or a bystander in my journey. I don't want to inspire you, I want to LIGHT a FIRE under you so that you DESIRE change in your own life, are motivated to create it and have the tools at your disposal to make it happen! That is my dream, it's my mission and my reason. 

As I reflect on the last decade, I decided to take inventory of what I've manifested in the last 10 years. These manifestations DID NOT just happen!! There is nothing random about them! They were each created with intention and called into existence by deliberate creation using my #HBRMethod. They all started as a thought, a wish, a dream. Then they became mental movies and visual reminders on my 8 #futureboards I've created the past decade. Those thoughts, mental movies, and pictures created burning desire, hustle, belief, and plans. All of that yielded INSANE RESULTS!

I share this list not to brag, but to MOTIVATE you to TAKE ACTION right now, so that you don't waste another year (or God forbid a decade) just existing in your life. I've created tools to EMPOWER YOU to transform your life (at any budget) so that you don't have any excuse to keep putting this off!

I share this list so you can see, as undeniable PROOF just how dramatically life can change in a mere decade. If I can do it, there's no reason why you can't!

Where Will You Be a Decade from Now? Sarah Centrella
Me with my babies in London in 2018

My life is unrecognizable from a decade ago. Since 2010 I have manifested:

  • A week's vacation with my son in Hawaii.

  • Countless fully-paid, first-class trips to New York, DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Flordia, and many other locations across the US.

  • Taking my kids to Disneyland.

  • My best friend and many mentors and friends.

  • Countless first-class travel for myself and even for my son.

  • Sideline passes to NFL games, where my son was introduced to his hero.

  • Courtside seats at NBA games.

  • Suites at Yankee and NY Knicks games.

  • Trips to New York, DC, and Boston with my kids.

  • Staying in a New England cottage in Connecticut with my kids.

  • Flying on a private jet.

  • Taking my kids to Italy for 3 weeks.

  • Seeing my favorite singer sing in Italy (Andrea Bocelli)

  • Ice skating in Central Park with my kids at Christmas time.

  • Spending Christmas in Paris.

  • Drinking Champagne in Champagne France.

  • Eating Belgium chocolate in Belgium.

  • Eating pizza in Rome after touring the Coliseum.

  • Christian Louboutin shoes.

  • Several Louis Vuitton bags.

  • Gucci bags.

  • 3 Mercedes.

  • 4x my salary and many corporate promotions.

  • Leaving corporate to start my own business.

  • Hitting over six figures of revenue in my business in year two.

  • Signing with a top literary agent.

  • Landing 2 traditional publishing book deals.

  • Hitting #1 many times with both books on Amazon in several categories.

  • Doing book signings and readings at Barnes & Noble on Madison Ave in New York and The Grove in LA.

  • Being featured in Target stores nationwide.

  • Being featured in a national commercial for Red Cross on 32 networks for five years.

  • Being featured on Steve Harvey, The Talk, ABC News and in The New York Times, Washington Journal, Cosmo and OK Magazine.

  • Becoming a full-time coach and motivational speaker.

  • Taking my kids to London, Ireland, and Scottland.

  • Hosting my empowerment dinners and first retreat.

  • Doing a national tour (2nd one starts in January!).

  • Unexpected financial windfalls (many)!

  • Several new jobs and promotions when I worked in corporate.

  • Our home.

  • Weight loss (-16 lbs in 2019).

  • And a ton more! Over 200 manifestations and counting!

Want to see the PROOF? Go check out my REALITY BOARD on Pinterest for side by side pictures, timelines and the stories behind many of these manifestations.

OK, now it's ACTION TIME. No more sitting around waiting for life to bring you magic, it's time to CREATE IT!!


Here's what I've created to empower you to design your future dream life. There is something here for EVERY BUDGET, so I don't wanna hear your excuses!

Here's how to master what I teach so that you can get RESULTS in your own life. Resources listed from lowest to highest (cost).

  • READ MY BOOKS. They are all in this post.

  • GET THE COMPANION WORKBOOKS. I've created expanded homework journals for BOTH of my books that really help you customize my method to your life. They go far above and beyond the homework in the books and will help you get the most from the book. I especially recommend them if you are reading the books in electronic format or listing to the audio, these workbooks are

invaluable at adapting what you read to YOUR life. They are the perfect way to re-do the homework each year around the new year. $19.95-24.95 GET THE WORKBOOKS

  • TAKE THE COURSE. I've spent countless hours creating my courses that support both of my books, with hours of original content videos, tools, worksheets and training in each. Courses

  • WORK WITH ME 1-ON-1. I work with a very limited number of clients individually, and normally on a referral basis. LEARN MORE

  • TRAIN TO DO WHAT I DO. Become a certified HBR Life Coach, trained by me! This is a super exclusive opportunity to be trained by me for 6 months to become an HBR Life coach and be certified to teach official #FutureBoards workshops.

Great! Now that you've selected and purchased your option, let's get started on the work!! I will be sharing my journey on Instagram for the next few days and I want you to do the same! Put your dreams out there, hold yourself accountable.

Follow Instagram @sarahcentrella and tag me :) Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.


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