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The Power of "What If:" How Using these Words Can Change Your Life

The Power of "What if:" How Using these Words Can Change Your Life.

The Power of "What if:

One of the first lessons I learned when I started rebuilding my life, was to give hope a fighting chance. When I think back to the hours and days after my ex-husband left, I thank my lucky stars, that I gave “what if” and the hope it represented, room to breathe. I didn’t instantly shut it down, instead, I just let it be.

Sometimes that’s the best we can do, and that’s enough. In the midst of my darkest hour, when all logical options seemed impossible when it felt like there was no way on earth I could survive with my children on my own, hope said: “But, what if you can?” Hope countered every argument with: “But, what if you can?”

That little thought was the origin of everything. Those 2 words have changed my life.

And today, I’m asking the same of you. I want you to give hope room to breathe. Don’t squash it. I know sometimes that’s our go-to reaction, but I’m asking you -no screw that- I’m BEGGING you…let it marinate. Give it time to work its magic on your thoughts, your beliefs, and your life.

What if, your life was everything you ever dreamed it could be?

What if, you had wealth and abundance and never worried about money?

What if, you had a body you loved and felt fit and healthy?

What if, you had relationships filled with joy, mutual respect, and happiness, that made you feel wanted and loved?

What if, you had a job you loved? What if, you started that business?

What if, you traveled the world?

What if, you were the person you dream you could be, living the life you dream of living?

What then? Who would you be? What would that life look like?

PRO TIP: Whenever you think "what if" in a NEGATIVE way, ie. what if this goes wrong... what if this idea doesn't work... etc. See if you can turn those words around so they are in the POSITIVE. Ask yourself instead: "What if this goes right? What then?" "What this is my million-dollar idea? If it is, how would that change my life and what would I do?" You will see that turning them from negative to positive works like a little hack to open up possibilities and help you move forward.

Grab your journal and answer those questions. Or, download my FREE #futureboards workbook so you can do this entire exercise and identify your big "what if's".

My #1 best-selling book Futureboards has an entire section on "What if" and in-depth homework to help you start identifying all the magical possibilities you can create.

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Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.


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