• Sarah Centrella

How to Write Your #LifePlan Story

Updated: Apr 2

The following is an example of how to write your #LifePlan Story which is part 1 of the homework for step 4 of my #HBRMethod, from my book Hustle Believe Receive, the chapter titled #WriteIT.

I believe strongly in the power of our words, thoughts and what we write down, to predict our future. The last time I wrote my #LifePlan in 2011, it manifested with such accuracy that it’s almost spooky! So I am putting this new plan out into the Universe to expedite these dreams becoming my reality and sharing my #LifePlan 2.0 with you.

This is my personal #LifePlan Story written Aug 17, 2017.

How to write a #LifePlan

"It’s 2022, summer is drawing to a close as I sit in this comfy leather recliner looking out my window as Venice draws ever closer below, peeking out between the clouds and the blinding rays of a glorious sunrise.

I’m smiling from every corner of my being, how could I not? It’s VENICE! And I’m arriving on a private jet, after sleeping in a bed all night as we crossed the ocean. How could I not be flying high (pun intended) right now?! Life is such a beautiful blessing, and this moment oozes with the kind of joy I experienced six years ago when the kids and I landed in Venice for the first time.

Italy does that to me, fills my entire being with exploding joy, love, and utter happiness

How to write your #LifePlan

I glance around the plane, Kanen (now 19) is still sleeping, chair reclined. He’s such an amazing human. I can’t help but feel such pride in him for finishing his first year of college with good grades and fulfilling his lifelong dream as a college athlete, on scholarship no less! He’s happier then I’ve ever seen him, growing into the man I always knew he would be; capable, worldly, independent and kind.

The girls, Mira and Izzy (now 15) are taller than me, smarter, and more ready to take on the world then I ever was at their age. They’ve navigated those pre-teen years and we’ve remained close (thank God!) they are doing great in high school, good grades and active in anything they can take part in. It’s such fun to watch them transform into strong, independent and intelligent beautiful young women.

Lisa (my lifelong best friend) is sitting across from me and we’re both staring out the window in utter amazement, our hearts beating with girlish enthusiasm. We’ve waited for this day our entire lives, since we were children, dirt poor and homeless dreaming of a big beautiful life. And now here it is, us finally experiencing Italy together, soul sisters on this incredible journey. We turned 47 this year, how fast time flies! But we’re both in such an amazing place, feeling younger than ever! I’m so grateful to be healthy and finally in truly great shape. I’ve never felt fitter or sexier, it really is possible to get better with age!

I think of the long journey that has brought me to this moment. Of all the struggles I’ve endured to get here, all the setbacks and heartache. In the end it is what makes us who we are, isn’t it? It’s what gives us the drive to not give up on our dreams and not abandon our calling. There were so many times I wanted to give up. So many hardships that seemed impossible to overcome. But losing my job in 2017 turned into the greatest blessing, it pushed me to do what fear had previously prevented, start my company. Become my own boss. Live my dream.

I’m so grateful that I was able to turn that scary transition into the company that has now surpassed my wildest expectations. It started as my personal coaching company and has become so much more, now employing over 100 women, and empowering people around the world to embrace their greatness and live their dreams.

How to write your #LifePlan

To think I came so close to turning my back on writing sends a chill through me. Thank god that giving up is not in my nature, and that I fought for my second book as hard as I fought for the first. That I stood strong and remained true to my story and the belief in what it could become, because it’s far exceeded those meager dreams. My memoir has remained on the NYT best-seller list for four years straight, reaching that mark in the first three months of its release. The story has been translated into languages around the world and its inspiring people, imagine that! It’s become a movie and now a hit TV sh