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This is the Perfect Place to Start Your Coaching Journey with Me.

VIVIAMO means "let's live!" In Italian, and nothing could be more fitting for my community than to share this philosophy of life.

Join the VIVIAMO Community, an online hub for my coaching services and like-minded connections. Gain access to invaluable resources, accountability, connection, support, and expert live coaching sessions. 


Join us to get the coaching, tools, and support you need to begin living the life you deserve!


I made it a priority to keep this community off social media. I wanted a space that truly fosters interaction between all of us, just like Facebook groups did over five years ago. So, that's exactly what you'll find here! An easy-to-navigate, interactive user interface similar to those classic Facebook Groups.

I WANT to get to know you and support your journey. So, jump in, introduce yourself, and engage with others on this path to living your best life!

Viviamo Community.png
viviamo community.png


The Circles tab is your gateway to the hottest topics, packed with valuable resources, engaging posts, lively community discussions, and more.

Dive into the conversations! Ask questions, share your insights, and be an active part of the dialogue.


Join our community challenges to connect with amazing members and get the accountability and support you need to conquer some of my most popular challenges!

Plus, jump into my #SelfPrideChallenge with the community to see the power of community impact your success. 

viviamo community.png


Join my LIVE coaching sessions, for hot-topic coaching, a place where you can learn, grow, and ask questions to get help or advice on anything you're working on.

Keep an eye on our Meet-Up tab to see what's coming up!

Plus App Version Coming Soon!

Join NOW to get Founding Member Pricing while I continue to build this amazing community and create the iOS and Android App versions.

*All genders welcome!

ONLY $37/mo for a limited time!

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