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How to Have Patience When Chasing Your Dreams

How to Have Patience When Chasing Your Dreams.

All good things take time to grow. Here are some tips on how to have patience when chasing your dreams.

I am not a patient person. Not by a LONGGGG shot, so this is a lesson I am constantly trying to "get." It takes time people, it just does.

You might think you're as ready right now as you could ever be. You might think that because; "nothing is happening,” that you must be doing something wrong, but the trust is, it just takes time.

What you’re going through right now, is the EXACT education; process, experiences, lessons, "failures," losses, wins, that you NEED, to insure your long term success.

I know it's hard to hear, but you need this right now. Whatever you're going through, no matter how shitty, it is all part of the preparation NEEDED to take you to the next level.

So, are you paying attention? Are you learning the lessons? Are you making the most of this time? Are you asking yourself every day, what should I be learning from this process so that I never have to repeat this experience, or relearn this lesson? THAT should be the goal. Be smart, learn the lesson the first time so that you can move forward, grow and never repeat this experience.

I know it's hard to remain patient when it feels like NOTHING IS HAPPENING, trust me, I KNOW. But believe me when I say (from MUCH experience and repetitive lessons learned), that it IS HAPPENING. This process IS getting you closer to your goals. It is getting you ready and it IS what you need.

How to Have Patience When Chasing Your Dreams.

PRO TIP: Here's how I keep the faith when patience is testing my dream.

1. I recognize and shut down doubt. Doubt is a dream KILLER. It rears it's ugly head when our mind stops focusing on our vision and when you stop hustling. Because when you are focused and hustlin' you ain't got time for doubt!

So, keep your mind busy and focused on what you want, on gratitude, on where you are going and why you want it.

When doubt creeps in, saying something like: "You know, this isn't working, maybe everyone was right, maybe you can't do this." Or "You know, if this was meant to be, it would be working by now." Or "Who do you think you are? How are YOU qualified to live this dream?" Or whatever your negative voice is trying to convince you of, you must immediately shut them down!

The first part is recognizing it for what it is, it's not a "logical" internal conversation, its doubt. Its job is to sabotage your success and keep you from reaching your dreams. It is NOT an internal conversation you can allow yourself to have. So, stop it in its tracks, say; "Not today! You are NOT going to get me down and make me start doubting everything. Not happening!"

2. I tell myself a new story, the outcome I WANT.

I turn those negative thoughts into power mottos, creating a NEW story of the outcome I want.

How? It's so simple! You simply reverse those statements. You do NOT accept them as fact, instead, you create NEW facts.

You say...

I can do this! I was born to do this!

Things might be moving slower than I'd like at the moment but that's temporary.

I KNOW I'm on the right path and in the right place.

I am learning more every day.

Every day I am gettin' closer to my dream and am more prepared for my moment. My moment WILL COME, IT IS ALREADY ON ITS WAY.

I cannot wait for that moment when I am LIVING my dream!

3. And then you immediately begin daydreaming about what that moment will feel like. Who will be there with you? What will you be wearing? Where will it be? How will you feel? How will you look? What photos will you take to mark the occasion that will one day hang on your wall?

You know that saying; "an idle mind is the devil's playground"? It is so true! Don't let your mind be so bored that your thoughts fill with doubt, keep it focused and hustling. And keep it filled with those daydreams because they are the source of everything.

Don't entertain doubt. Entertain hope.

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