Are you looking for a rewarding career that is both fulfilling and lucrative, while teaching others how to change their life and live their dream?


Becoming a certified HBR Life Coach just might be your


Our 8-month life coach training university will teach you how to master the #HBRMethod and #FutureBoards, giving you the skills to be a top-tier, sought-after, life coach.

An Immersive 

Coaching  Experience

8-month life coach training and certification program.

What Makes #HBRUniversity so Unique?

#HBRUniversity is unlike any other life coach training program, it's been custom designed by #futureboards and #HBRMethod creator Sarah Centrella to include all the elements you'll need to become a sought-after life coach and launch your business upon graduation. 

You'll be Trained by

the Master! 

This is one of the only life coach training programs where you are trained by the person who created the coaching program, the unique methods, wrote the best-selling books, and has coached hundreds of people around the world for over a decade!  


You will learn how to become a successful life coach, from a practicing master coach, not a generic online training program. Each coach is personally trained by Sarah Centrella.


First, You'll be Coached

PHASE ONE: The first 12 weeks of #HBRUniversity is your chance to be personally and privately coached by Sarah on everything you'll eventually teach your clients.
This emersion style learning insures that YOU experience first-hand, the magic of the #HBRMethod, helping you transform your own life with these life-changing tools, so you'll be able to coach and teach from personal experience.

Then, When You Learn... You Teach

PHASE TWO: In the second half of your training, you'll learn how to coach each step of Sarah's unique #HBRMethod, and as you learn it, you'll turn right around and begin coaching it to your first client! 

This is one of the most unique aspects of our training program, and is what sets us apart from the rest! By coaching a client on each step, as you learn it, you remove the stress of beginning this process after launching your business. This way you graduate the program with a real-life, client reference and the confidence to know you can do this! 

You'll Learn the BUSINESS of Being a Successful Life Coach

PHASE THREE: For most new coaches, one of the most difficult parts of becoming a professional life coach is learning how to start and operate your business.

This is why Sarah will teach you everything she's learned on how to build a brand, get clients, create marketing strategies, business set-up, website checklist, social media and so much more. It's everything you'll need to create your business from scratch and be ready to launch and take clients the day after graduation! 

You'll have access to templates, original content, coaching guidelines, online courses and so much more!

Become Part of an Exclusive, Elite Group of Coaches

Because Sarah trains each coach personally, she only has a handful of spaces available each year, graduating an average of 5 coaches a year. This means you'll be part of an elite group of coaches trained in the #HBRMethod and one of just a few people worldwide able to legally teach #futureboard workshops. 

This allows you to begin your practice charging a premium for your coaching services.

Upon graduation you'll be added to Sarah's private Facebook group created just for coaches, to provide ongoing support and connect coaches from around the world. 

What Coaches Are Saying...

"Sarah helped me see that my dreams were worth fighting for. She helped me uncover what had been buried for years, my desire to have a positive impact on people, and the world. She gave me a mechanism to make that happen... HBR life coaching! 

Sarah provides nearly all the tools a person needs to get up and running as an entrepreneur, saving you so much time, energy and money trying to figure the business aspect out on your own. 


 As coaches, we are empowered to have our own specialties and approaches to what we've learned. Together we're bound for greatness!"

-Sarah Harper Huntington

Certified HBR Life Coach, Class of 2019

"Working with Sarah was an incredible experience.  I wasn't sure if coaching was for me or not, but after a phone call with Sarah, she made me feel comfortable and like I wasn't alone in not having the clarity I desired.  


Before training with Sarah, I had gone through the homework in her books on my own, but let me tell you...It was COMPLETELY different than working with Sarah as my coach.  We dug a LOT deeper and I had so many A-ha moments throughout my coaching.  Truly becoming aware of my thoughts and learning not only how to dream, but to dream on a bigger level, and then learning how to help others do the same.  


The #HBRUniversity training program is well thought out. I love that there was "real life" coaching in the program along with homework each week and the lists for HOW to get my business off the ground saved me WEEKS of work if I'd had to figure that all out on my own. I learned so much throughout this program and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to pursue coaching as a career."

-Melissa Hartman

Certified HBR Life Coach, Class of 2019

"For years I've been researching different life coaching certification programs, trying to find a reputable program I believed in and could get behind 100%. I read Sarah's book Hustle Believe Receive when it was published and absolutely loved what changes started happening in my life from implementing what I learned. When I discovered Sarah had a life coaching certification program that went along with the HBR methodologies, I knew I found exactly what I was looking for!


I love that the certification program through HBR is all-encompassing.  Sarah thought of every detail, providing future coaches with everything they would need to run a successful coaching practice. From templates to ongoing support, I'm so glad I chose to get my coaching certification through HBR. The HBR method WORKS for clients, providing life-changing results and that's the greatest testimony of all. I can't recommend this program enough!"

-Kristen Doyle
Certified HBR Life Coach, Class of 2020
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Is #HBRUniversity the Right Life Coach Training Program for You? 

  • Do you have a burning desire to help people change their lives and achieve their goals and dreams? 

  • Does the idea of coaching from a proven method appeal to you? 

  • Do you work best in a one-on-one learning environment? 

  • Would you benefit from being coached and mentored by a master coach and best-selling author? 

  • Do you want to grow your personal brand and platform?

  • Do you want to integrate HBR Life Coaching with your own areas of interest and specialty? 

  • Are you looking for a lucrative career you can do from anywhere on your schedule? 

  • Are you willing to hustle, putting in the necessary work to master this training and build your business? 

  • Are you coachable? 

  • Are you ready to be one of just a handful of coaches trained by Sarah Centrella? 

If you said YES to all the above...

HBR University Tuition 

We've created a complete training program intended to not only teach you how to life coach but equally important, how to start your coaching practice and become an entrepreneur. We even take it one step further, by supporting your launch, and providing a space for ongoing training and support after your go-live. You will be certified to teach #futureboard™ workshops and the HBRMethod™ both of which are trademarked.


  • 32 one-hour, weekly, private calls with Sarah

  • Lifetime access to your evergreen online learning program for HBR University, to support your training and continued education

  • Document library including sample contracts, email templates, homework worksheets, coaching tools and more

  • 6-month pass to Sarah's Monthly Coaching Circle 

  • HBR Life Coach Certification & Signed Certificate

  • Ability to be a Featured Coach on Sarah's website

  • Access to coaches only private Facebook group moderated by Sarah for ongoing support

  • Limited licensing agreement to coach from Sarah' copyright and trademarked materials 

  • Help to promote your launch via posts on Sarah's social media

  • Opportunity to do contract coaching for Centrella Co.

Tuition: one-time payment of $15,000

(*saves $1,000 over payments plan)

Or 8 monthly payments of $2,000 each.



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