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Centrella University
Life Coach Training & Certification

2023 Session begins Jan 26th


Do you DREAM OF BECOMING a successful

Have you ever thought of becoming your own boss, doing something you are passionate about, WHILE helping people change their life?


If so, becoming a certified Centrella Life Coach might be the business, and career path you've dreamed of! 

What Makes our Life Coach Training so Unique?

Centrella U is unlike any other life coach training program, created by Futureboards™ and the Centrella Method™ creator, best-selling author and master life coach, Sarah Centrella.

Our comprehensive program has been designed to include all the elements you'll need to become a sought-after, highly paid, life coach and business owner.  

Centrella U is a four-part program, offering in-depth training at each stage. 

You'll be Trained by
the Master! 

This is one of the only life coach training programs where you are trained by the person who created the coaching program, invented the proven tools and methods, wrote the best-selling books, and has coached thousands of people around the world for over a decade.  


Sarah Centrella and her trained master coaches will lead your LIVE, weekly small group training sessions, you'll be learning from the very best.

Your training includes a mix of live weekly session, online in-depth learning and weekly assignments. 


First, You'll be Coached

One of the most unique aspects of our training, is that YOU start the program as a CLIENT! 

During the first 9-weeks of Centrella U you experience first-hand just how powerfully life changing this coaching is. You'll be coached through our LIVE Transformation Bootcamp™ weekly group sessions.

This provides you a unique opportunity to experience for yourself, the benefits of hiring a Centrella Certified Life Coach. You will experience massive personal wins, identify and remove your blocks, change your mindset, and learn how to manifest your dream life.

Best of all? This is the exact process you'll be learning how to coach!  

You'll Learn the BUSINESS Side and how to become a Successful entrepreneur



Truthfully, one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a professional life coach is figuring out how to launch and operate a business. Being a first-time entrepreneur is tough, and can be incredibly intimidating. Wether you've owned and operated a small business in the past, or if you have absolutely no idea how to run a business and zero experience, either way, we'll teach you everything you need to know in a hands on learning environment

These are just a few of the questions we hear from prospective coaches...

  • How do you set up the legal aspects of a small business? 

  • How do you set pricing and come up with packages?

  • How do you market your business to attract clients?

  • Where do you get clients?

  • How do you create a website?

  • What billing, accounting, tax, and client software/solutions should you choose? Which ones do you need?

  • How do you grow your following, create an online platform and become an expert in your field? 

  • How can you use your coaching knowledge to expand your career into speaking, writing, podcasting and more?


​We get it! Those are very valid questions and ones it took Sarah years to figure out the hard way, when she began her coaching business. That's why this unique part of your training is so critical to your success. 

We are proud to bring you training that answers ALL THOSE QUESTIONS and many more. You'll learn everything you need to know! You will essentially be getting a "business in a box" ready to launch, only you'll learn how to set-up and run every aspect of your business and you won't have to pay expensive franchising fees. 

You'll learn how to build a brand, get clients, create marketing strategies, business set-up, website checklist, social media and so much more. It's everything you need to launch a successful coaching practice and become your own boss!

Then, you'll learn and coach!


Sarah Centrella life coach.jpeg

This part of your training is COMPLETELY UNIQUE to Centrella University. It's the only hands-on training program where you not only LEARN HOW TO COACH, you actually BEGIN COACHING!


Each week you'll be trained on one step of the Centrella Method™ and then you'll immediately turn around and coach that step to your practice client.

This is what sets our training program apart from the rest, and it's the part coaches love the most. You'll be coaching an actual client, helping them change their life, while you train. It's incredible!


Each week Sarah and our trainers will provide feedback, resources and training on how to conduct your client sessions, teaching you the tangible and intangible skills of being an expert coach. 

This means you'll graduate having already coached your first client, end to end. You'll have a recommendation, a written testimonial and client wins that you'll be able to share, giving you practice, credibility and confidence before you've even launched your business!

Workshops & Certification


In your final stage of training, you will learn how to host a Futureboards™ Workshop which is an incredible tool for growing your audience through marketing a ticketed event. And it's a great way to get new clients!

You'll also develop your launch strategy and take your final exam in the last week of training.

Ongoing Support 

You'll become part of a small group of elite life coaches, the only ones certified to coach the Centrella Method™ and conduct Futureboards™ workshops.


We provide ongoing support after graduation in our private coaches Facebook group, where you'll become part of our community, moderated by Sarah and Master Centrella Coaches. You'll also have exclusive access to updated and expanded coaching content. 


Plus be the first to receive optional paid training on new concepts or methods when they become available. 

What Coaches Are Saying...

"Working with Sarah was an incredible experience.  I wasn't sure if coaching was for me or not, but after a phone call with Sarah, she made me feel comfortable and like I wasn't alone in not having the clarity I desired.  


Before training with Sarah, I had gone through the homework in her books on my own, but let me tell you...It was COMPLETELY different than working with Sarah as my coach.  We dug a LOT deeper and I had so many A-ha moments throughout my coaching.  Truly becoming aware of my thoughts and learning not only how to dream, but to dream on a bigger level, and then learning how to help others do the same.  


The #HBRUniversity training program is well thought out. I love that there was "real life" coaching in the program along with homework each week and the lists for HOW to get my business off the ground saved me WEEKS of work if I'd had to figure that all out on my own. I learned so much throughout this program and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to pursue coaching as a career."

-Melissa Hartman
Certified Centrella Life Coach, Class of 2019

"Sarah helped me see that my dreams were worth fighting for. She helped me uncover what had been buried for years, my desire to have a positive impact on people, and the world. She gave me a mechanism to make that happen... HBR life coaching! 

Sarah provides nearly all the tools a person needs to get up and running as an entrepreneur, saving you so much time, energy and money trying to figure the business aspect out on your own. 


 As coaches, we are empowered to have our own specialties and approaches to what we've learned. Together we're bound for greatness!"

-Sarah Harper Huntington

Certified Centrella Life Coach, Class of 2019

website headshot april 2020.jpg

"For years I've been researching different life coaching certification programs, trying to find a reputable program I believed in and could get behind 100%. I read Sarah's book Hustle Believe Receive when it was published and absolutely loved what changes started happening in my life from implementing what I learned. When I discovered Sarah had a life coaching certification program that went along with the HBR methodologies, I knew I found exactly what I was looking for!


I love that the certification program through HBR is all-encompassing.  Sarah thought of every detail, providing future coaches with everything they would need to run a successful coaching practice. From templates to ongoing support, I'm so glad I chose to get my coaching certification through HBR. The HBR method WORKS for clients, providing life-changing results and that's the greatest testimony of all. I can't recommend this program enough!"

-Kristen Doyle
Certified Centrella Life Coach, Class of 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience being trained and coached by Sarah in Centrella University. I have learned so much about coaching and have experienced my own phenomenal growth during the program. 


The entire training program exceeded my expectations.  I felt connected and supported the whole time with live coaching, workbooks, and audio training.  I learned all the tools needed to be a great coach and build a successful business. I am so excited to have launched my coaching business and to work with incredible clients right after graduation. It feels so good to be an entrepreneur helping change peoples lives!


 Laurie Wilcox 

Certified Centrella Life Coach Class of 2022


Is Centrella U the Right Life Coach Training Program for You? 

  • Do you have a burning desire to help people change their lives and achieve their goals and dreams? 

  • Does the idea of coaching from a proven method appeal to you? 

  • Are you looking for a  program with a proven process, coaching materials and in-depth training?

  • Would you benefit from being coached and mentored by a master coach and best-selling author? 

  • Do you want to grow your personal brand and platform?

  • Do you want to integrate life coaching with your own areas of interest and specialty? 

  • Are you looking for a lucrative business where you work from anywhere on your schedule? 

  • Do you want to own a business with VERY LITTLE overhead or operating expenses?

  • Are you willing to hustle, putting in the necessary work to master this training and become a successful entrepreneur

  • Are you coachable? 

  • Are you wanting personal growth and wins for yourself? 

  • Are you ready to up-level every part of your life? 

If you said YES to all the above...
then get ready to join our next LIVE training session!

Did you know? 

That you can start and operate your Centrella Life Coaching practice for a FRACTION of the cost of most ready-made or franchise businesses?

And once you graduate you'll own your independent coaching practice. 

Warrior Two

Yoga Studio


The average investment to become a certified yoga instructor and open an independent yoga studio. 

Business Discussion

Business Coaching Franchise


The average cost of becoming a certified business coach and franchise owner of any top 10 business coaching program. 


Small Business


The average start-up cost of owning and operating a brick and mortar small business


Sarah Centrella life coaching.JPG

Our next training session begins January 26th and is limited to a max of 8 students and it will fill up quickly!

So, if you're interested in training with me to be a life coach and business owner, or would like more information, please complete the application below. 

Next Session Begins
Jan 26, 2023

*Space is extremely limited
Virtual live class meets every Tues at 5:30 PM PST

*Registration is ONLY open to pre-approved applicants, apply below to learn more and see if this program is the right fit for you. NO COST OR OBLATION to apply. Payment plan is available. 

master coach Certification Opportunity

Centrella Coaches who've completed our program and have coached a minimum of 8 clients can apply for additional certification to facilitate group coaching of Transformation Bootcamp™ as a contracted coach for Centrella Company

This unique opportunity means you could significantly increase your earnings while continuing to grow your private coaching practice. 

coaches training
If you are interested in training to become a certified Centrella Life Coach, please submit the application below.

We value diversity, equity and inclusion. This program is open to all. We welcome women, men, black, indigenous, Latin, Asian, LGBTQIA+ and those with disabilities, everyone is invited to apply!  
Do you have any experience in the following areas? NOTE: these are not a prerequisite
Which session are you most interested in joining?

Thanks for your application! Please check your email (and spam folder)

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