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Help Getting Around

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Centrella Global  LLC  | Portland, OR  | Copyright 2019

Join HBR coaches from around the world

Become an HBR Life Coach

Together we're changing lives!

Are you looking for a rewarding career that is both fulfilling and lucrative while teaching others how to change their life and live their dream? Becoming a certified HBR Life Coach may be the ideal career choice for you. 

My six-month coaches training university will teach you how to master the #HBRMethod and #FutureBoards, giving you the skills to be a top tier, sought after HBR life coach.  Only individuals who have been through this program and been certified by Centrella Global are able to become HBR Life Coaches or teach #FutureBoards workshops.

I personally train every HBR life coach. This ensures that I am confident you know the method, have already experienced wins of your own using it and are ready to teach it. 

Become a Certified HBR Life Coach

An Immersive 

Training Experience

Six Months of one-on-one coaching & training with me!

#HBRUniversity is an intensive training program consisting of weekly coaching and training calls with me! Plus you'll get access to online courses, original material, quizzes, business fundamentals, and more.

During our six months together you'll also coach your first client so that you'll graduate with a real client under your belt, and a real client reference.  


You'll learn everything you need to know about setting up your business and be one of just a handful of coaches worldwide who are certified to teach the #HBRMethod and #FutureBoards. 

Is this the coaches' training program you've been looking for? 

If so, complete the application form below to set up a consultation and see if this is a good mutual fit. 

I train just 2 coaches each 6-month session.

If you'd like to be considered or wish to learn more, submit an application. 

The next session begins in January 2020.

There is currently ONE SPACE available

Apply now to reserve your space.

HBR Coaches Own their practice 

Once you've become a certified HBR Life Coach you can build your business and practice in whatever way that suits you best, you own it outright. 

You don't pay me residuals, commissions or referrals! 

You'll be certified to conduct official #FutureBoard workshops and can wive your HBR practice into any other coaching you might offer.

There is no other program out there like it! 

Because I only train a select number of coaches at a time, so I like to be sure that this is the ideal fit for us both. It's a serious time commitment and I want to help ensure your success once you complete the program.


Please, SERIOUS requests only.

Note: There are no refunds on tuition.