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Building an Empire with Network Marketing Guru Jessie Lee Ward

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Today I'm talking to network marketing guru Jessie Lee Ward about building an empire.

Is it possible to build a multi-million dollar empire from a basement when you've only got $300 to your name? Heck yes, it is, and Jessie Lee Ward is PROOF! This powerhouse CEO known to her fans as #BossLee is a top sales trainer, coach, and multi-millionaire who's been teaching people around the world how to build and grow their businesses, and in our interview, she shares her hustle and secrets to success.

What does it take to build a team of thousands around the world? What's it like to go from nothing to MILLIONS?

You're about to find out! The People's Mentor, Jessie Lee Ward is dropping GOLD, so grab your notepad, and listen up. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. If so please tell your friends, share, subscribe, and review!

Jessie Lee Ward is a verified multi-million dollar earner in the network marketing profession and a serial entrepreneur. She’s also an investor, owns traditional businesses, is a diehard loyal friend, and is a crazy dog mom. She lives in Texas and travels the world coaching and training her global Empire.

Go follow her on Instagram @IAMBOSSLEE

UPDATE: Heartbreakingly Jessie Lee Ward passed away from colon cancer on September 16, 2023.

Jessie Lee Ward

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