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The First Step to Manifesting Anything You Want with Vision Boards

The First Step to Manifesting Anything You Want with Vision Boards #Futureboards

Wanna become a Manifesting Gangsta? Here’s the first step to manifesting anything you want with vision boards, directly off your #futureboard.

I made my first #futureboard vision board in 2009. At the time I was trying desperately to reinvent my life after it imploded the previous year when my husband left our family to pursue his affair. Things were bleak, I was struggling to simply put food on the table, keep the lights on and the rent paid, all while working full-time and learning how to be a single mom of three babies.

The First Step to Manifesting Anything You Want with Vision Boards #Futureboards


Though the reality of my daily life was dark and overwhelming, I couldn’t help but think, there must be something better out there for me. I began to nurture a tiny seed of hope, one that craved a different life. I wanted to live moments that felt like pure magic and brought unexpected bursts of joy. I wanted to give my children a beautiful childhood, one where they knew firsthand that anything they imagined could actually happen. I wanted to know that all my hustle and struggle would, in the end, pay off.

I wanted to escape my reality. So I created an alternate universe in my mind.

I began to DREAM.


Transfer your focus from your daily reality to the life you want to live. Allow yourself to dream without restriction, judgment, or the confines of “reality.”

The more time you spend focusing on this imaginary future life, the more it will become part of you, creating desire and determination, belief and hope. Those elements help transition a thought into a vision, a vision into action, and action into reality.

Having a clear dream for your future life allows you to move forward with purpose and excitement rather than spending your days distraught about your present circumstances.

If there’s one thing I know without a shred of doubt, it’s that what we focus on becomes our future. This means that focusing on the negatives in your current life is sabotaging your future success, ensuring that your life will never change or move forward in a positive direction. It’s the most dangerous thing you can do and must be avoided at all costs.

How do you go from the current life you don’t like, to the imaginary one you do?

You start OBSESSING over your dreams by creating a movie in your head of your new life. Think of yourself as a movie director. In their mind, they see many parts of a film before it all comes together on the big screen. They first visualize what a scene will look like, then take the necessary action to put it together. All the while their mind is filming out other scenes and building them in much the same way.

This is how your future life begins to take shape in your mind. Start to imagine what life would be like if you had a career that made you jump out of bed in the morning, filled with passion and excitement. What would your days consist of? What would your office look like? How would you dress? Who would you be working with?

Clarity is the key to manifesting. Be specific. See it in your mind. Let it grow. Let it inspire and motivate you. Now do that in all the areas of your life that need upgrading.

Over time you will start to actually FEEL your future life and visualize those moments with such clarity and frequency that it will feel like just a matter of time.

Transfer your focus from your daily reality to the life you want to live. Allow yourself to dream without restriction, judgment, or the confines of “reality.” Think of it like a filmmaker shooting a moving. First, they visualize what a scene will look like, (this is their "vision") then take the necessary action to put the scene together, to match that vision. All the while their mind is visualizing how that scene will work in the movie as a whole. They are not focused on the reality of the blank canvas, they see it for what I can and will become.

That’s exactly how manifesting works. That’s how you become a Manifesting Gangsta! You stop focusing on what IS and start creating what COULD BE in your mind before it happens in real life.

This doesn’t happen overnight. It might seem fake and unrealistic when you start, but keep allowing this dream to take shape in the quiet spaces of your day, or while you’re in traffic, or working out, or spacing off at work. Allow it to become part of you. The more you do this, the more you begin manifesting it in real life.

Sarah Centrella Manifesting Anything You Want with Vision Boards #Futureboards

It was my ability to slip into my new mentally created magic little world, that saved me. That first year was dark and scary as I picked up the pieces of my life, focusing on it every day would have destroyed me. I credit the Universe for helping me transfer any energy I had from my current situation into the one I wanted more desperately with each passing day. That escape into a positive mental space became my lifeline.

Focus on this first step and practice creating your new life. Remember that dreams don’t have limits. They are not bound by money. Not boxed in by the reality of your past or present. They don’t adhere to “logic” or “the rules.” They aren’t based on what you “think might be doable.” They are not a copy of someone else dreams or plans for your life. They are not minimized just because no one else has ever realized them. So GO CRAZY! Stop limiting your life, your success, and your potential. Start seeing “what if” so that it has a chance of manifesting. No one wants to be a manifesting blocker!

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Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.


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