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12 Mottos to Change Your Life & Manifest Everything You Want

12 Mottos to Change Your Life & Manifest Everything You Want.

What is a motto? Well, the short answer is a positive statement that you repeat regularly, that states an outcome you want. But, if you know me, you know I believe in teaching things that are PROVEN to work and are easy to use and I teach what I call Power Motto's in my #HBRMethod and my book Hustle Believe Receive because they are one of the most powerful tools to change your thoughts, beliefs, and outcomes.

How? Because they work to change old negative or limiting beliefs and create new ones.

12 Mottos to Change Your Life & Manifest Everything You Want

Our beliefs will always manifest in our reality. So it's extremely important that you know what it is you truly believe about everything from money, to your body, your abilities, who you are, literally EVERYTHING. If you have negative or limiting beliefs, then those will always become your reality.

For example: If you believe that money is hard to make, money will ALWAYS be hard to make. This means that no matter what job you have, what promotion you get, or how much it pays you, it will always be a struggle. To change this, you must start with the core belief (the thing creating the outcome you DON'T want). Create a motto that addressed the belief directly, such as: "Money comes to me easily and grows rapidly." This motto will begin changing your belief over time. Say it daily, and especially say it when you think about money. When the belief starts to change, your outcomes will also change. You'll start to see money coming into your life unexpectedly and it will become easier to make, and equally important you'll be creating a belief that you GROW money. To grow money you need to be aware of your financial habits and make changes to increase financial knowledge and management skills to grow the new abundance into wealth.

A true Power Motto has 3 parts:

  1. It addresses the negative belief head-on. -"Money comes to me easily" is the opposite of the negative belief that, "money is hard to make."

  2. It DECLARES your ideal desired outcome. -This will feel like a lie at first, and it is. We are making a declaration that we have/feel/believe the opposite of what seems "true" in our current reality.

  3. It should make you feel better almost instantly. There is something magical about a good Power Motto, it has the power to relieve stress, calm anxiety, bring peace, and give you power almost immediately. It is a reminder that the outcome you want IS COMING. It gives you hope and perspective. Play around with the wording of your mottos until it rolls off your tongue easily and feels powerful.

12 Mottos to Change Your Life & Manifest Everything You Want

Here are my top 12 general mottos.

Say these to yourself every morning (out loud in the mirror) and all day long until you BELIEVE them.

  1. "I AM BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY & PROUD OF ME!" -Use this one to transform your beliefs about your body, how you look, and your health. This claims health for your future (whether you have good health today or not) and begins the change to how you feel about the way you physically look. Adding "I am proud of me" encourages you to make the changes you need to make to reach those goals.

  2. "I FREELY GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE." -This one will help you keep your heart open to love of all types and forms, and remind you to also give it without strings or reservations. Giving and receiving love is a powerful generator of manifesting energy and an important source of joy and happiness. This will help remove unhealthy walls and build your trust in love.

  3. "I am worthy and deserving of...." -fill in the blank, with the word of the thing/feeling/belief you want.

  4. "I CREATE, AND JOYOUSLY RECEIVE ABUNDANCE AND WEALTH." -This is a powerful financial motto that will bring you unexpected money! It will help you begin to see yourself as the generator and creator of wealth and financial success, which will also help change your money management habits and keep you open to all the various ways and opportunities the universe will bring you financial abundance. Adding "joyously receive" helps remind you that you must be OPEN to receiving abundance and do so with joy. This will bring more financial windfalls!

  5. "I AM IN CONTROL OF HOW I FEEL." -Especially when you want to be drawn into other people's negative energy, or when others try to bring you down. Whether you believe it or not, you REALLY ARE in control, it starts with what you tell yourself, so use this motto to get instant peace and control, and to change your beliefs over time.

  6. "I AM MOTIVATED AND DETERMINED TO ________ACHIEVE MY DREAMS." -Especially when you feel unmotivated or want to give up. You can fill in the blank as well with anything specific you are working on.

  7. "I AM MAKING PROGRESS EVEN WHEN I CAN'T SEE IT. I AM PROUD OF HOW FAR I'VE COME." -Especially when you feel like you've not made any progress and are feeling discouraged.

  8. "MY LIFE CAN CHANGE FOR THE BETTER IN A DAY!" -This is an amazing reminder that your big manifestations are right around the corner, the could show up any moment! Use this especially when you are feeling financial lack and fear, or are frustrated by not seeing results. It's a great one for opening up opportunities and getting new ideas to manifest big wins.

  9. "I AM OK. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE JUST FINE. THE UNIVERSE HAS MY BACK." -This motto is so powerful, it will bring calm and peace when it feels like everything is falling apart, or when you are experiencing fear, stress, and anxiety.

  10. "I LOVE MY LIFE!" -Make this the motto you use EVERY SINGLE DAY, nothing will help you FEEL gratitude faster and teach you how to be present in your life and feel blessed and thankful for what you have right now.

  11. "I AM TRANSFORMING!" -This is one of my favorites because you can use it for physical (body, weightless, etc) goals, and those of your mind and your entire life. It encourages you to keep up making those changes that create transformation.

  12. "I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL MY BLESSINGS AND EXCITED TO SEE WHAT WILL MANIFEST NEXT!" -This combination of gratitude for what you have and eager expectancy for what is coming will keep you manifesting for a lifetime!

Remember these mottos will only work if YOU DO. You must be dedicated to using them daily, and especially when you are feeling susceptible to old, negative thoughts. If you are consistent you will see results very quickly!

Lastly, the most impactful mottos are ones that are personalized to YOU, so write down ones that directly address the things you stress about the most. If you'd like more coaching on this or anything I teach check out my various resources.

Learn how to write your power mottos and my 4 other tools to change your life in my #1 best-selling book Hustle Believe Receive.

Ready to take your life, career, goals and yourself to the next level? Check out my life coaching options or take my online life coaching courses to get the results you DESERVE!

Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.

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