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Words You Should Never Say: Replace with These

Words You Should Never Say: Replace with These.

Words You Should Never Say: Replace with These

Did you know that your words are not only an order to the Universe, but they are also a very real signal to your brain, relaying the message of what you want. So, when you say something like; “I can’t afford that.” Not only is the Universe at work making sure that you don’t get the opportunity that would have given you a raise, and making sure your car brakes down so you’ll remain in a financially strained situation, but your brain is also working hard to fulfill that order. It’s going to make sure that you sabotage the opportunity for more money because you’ve made the declaration that you can’t afford things… creating a cycle.

It may seem oversimplified to say that in order to change the above scenario, all you have to do is 1.) Stop saying you couldn’t afford things. 2.) Start saying: "I am abundant" and "I always have more than enough." Here's the truth, you can’t get new results with an old mindset and old words. You’ve gotta upgrade both to get the life you want, and changing your words is one of the simplest ways to do that.

This is a list of words to REMOVE from your vocabulary moving forward and examples of how to replace them. Be vigilant. Don’t allow yourself to speak words that do not serve you and teach your children (and friends) to do the same!

REMOVE these words from your vocabulary.

I wish, I’ll try, I’m trying, I can’t, I’m scared, I’m afraid, I’m terrified, I’m nervous, I’m anxious, I’m stressed, I doubt…, that’s doubtful, I hope, if only, FML, fuck my life, I’m exhausted, I’m burned out, I’m over it, I don’t care, I’m broke, I can’t afford it, maybe I will, possibly, I might, it might, I’m sick, I don’t feel good, everything’s going wrong, I’m a hot mess, my life is a hot mess, my life sucks, people suck, this sucks, life’s unfair, life sucks, I’m unlucky, I never win anything….

Quick Word Rules:

  1. Use the PAST TENSE: When you are speaking about yourself in reference to a bad habit, negative thought or anything that you’d like to change, ALWAYS use PAST TENSE. Say; “I USED to worry about money every day.” Instead of saying “I do, worry about money all that time.” Always refer to anything you want to change as being in the past (even if it’s not yet).

  2. Use DECLARATIVE words -always! When you’re speaking about something you want, or would like, ALWAYS speak in words that declare your desired outcome as a given. Say; “I WILL start that business.” Or “WHEN I start my business.” Don’t say; “I wish, I’d like to, I want to, maybe I will, hopefully, I will…. start a business.” Remove the possibility of failure and all doubt from your words, declare the outcome you want!

  3. When speaking about your future only use positive language that predicts outcomes you want.

  4. When labeling yourself –saying “I am," use words that build you up, create confidence, give you empowerment, make you feel good, show growth, and describe the person you WANT to be. Say: “I am learning.” Instead of saying “God! Why am I so stupid!”

  5. Use visual words as often as possible when talking to yourself or others. Try to paint a picture with your words, it will help your visualization skills immensely and connect the paths in your brain to create new outcomes that match those mental images.

Your words are constantly creating your reality, that is some HEAVY POWER you have. Use it wisely!

Ready to take your life, career, goals and yourself to the next level? Check out my life coaching options or take my online life coaching courses to get the results you DESERVE! Follow Instagram @sarahcentrella and tag me :) Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.

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