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  • Sarah Centrella

Protect Your Dreams

Protect Your Dreams

One of the most common messages or questions I get is: “But how can I go after my dreams when no one around me believes in them or supports me?”

Honestly, this surprises me a bit, since when are OUR dreams the responsibility of the people in our life? If it’s YOUR dream, why are you looking to the people around you (who are probably not living your dream) for validation and support before you can start going after it? It makes no sense! Your family, friends, or partner are NOT responsible for making your dreams a reality, YOU ARE! And the truth is, if your dreams are so fragile that you have to get their approval and support to proceed, you probably won’t make it. So... PROTECT YOUR DREAMS! When you’re first starting out and that dream is fragile, keep it to yourself. Just quietly do the work. You don’t need to tell everyone what your planning, especially if you already know they might be negative, why do that to yourself? Why put unrealistic expectations on them? Just DO THE WORK! Eventually, it will start speaking for itself. And over time as you work on your dreams and get success your skin will get thicker and your confidence will grow, and what they say won’t matter anyway. But for now, just DO THE WORK. Less talk and more action will always silence the haters. And if it doesn’t, then it’s time to #ChangeYourCrew.


Sarah Centrella is a 2x best-selling author, master life coach, keynote speaker and podcaster.

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