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  • Sarah Centrella

Are You Manifesting Everything You Don't Want?

If you don't know what you want, you're probably manifesting everything you DON'T WANT.

You see, manifesting is happening to you right now wether you know it or not, and regardless of if you believe it or not. It's a Universal law of life and energy, every bit as real as the law of gravity. Its forces are at work in all our lives, every day, in positive and negative ways.

The trick is to harness this force to begin getting the outcomes you WANT, instead of ones you DON'T.

The first step in this process is to identify what you want. It's the first question I ask my clients, and the first one we tackle in my coaching program. So, I'll ask you, what do you want?

If you don't know the answer to that question, don't feel bad, it's actually a very difficult question for most people. Why? Because it has probably been years since you honestly thought about it, or focused on the "you" part of that sentence. Most people (women in particular) don't think about their personal wants, desires or dreams. But you should, because if not, manifesting is probably happening in your life in its negative form. Meaning, whatever you are focusing on, thinking about, stressing over, or dwelling on, is what will continue showing up in your current and future reality.

This is why knowing what you want, and making the conscious decision to focus on it, is so critical to success. If you don't know your destination, you can't ask Google maps for driving directions can you? Our life is the same, it needs directions and destinations, without those two elements we'll keep spinning our wheels going in circles.

Stop waiting for something to happen.

Stop waiting for inspiration or motivation.

Stop waiting for someone to validate or support you or your idea.

Stop waiting for help.

Stop waiting for anyone to tell you want to do or teach you how to do it.

Stop waiting for the answers.

Stop waiting.

Start asking YOURSELF the tough questions and listening to YOUR OWN answers.

Start making something happen.

Start defining what YOU (yes, you) want.

Start learning what makes you HAPPY.

Start letting your dreams motivate and inspire you.

Start teaching YOURSELF how to do it.

Start doing.

Not sure of how to start figuring out what you want?


What have I always wanted to do or try?

What do I love to do?

What brings me joy?

If I could get paid amazingly for doing something I love doing, what would it be?

If you already do know what you want, ask yourself, How bad do I want it?

If you can allow yourself to want it bad enough, then you WILL succeed.

*Learn more about HOW to identify your dreams in the DreamIT step of my HBRMethod™ (step 1 in Hustle Believe Receive)

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