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  • Sarah Centrella

My Ultimate #LiveList

I am a firm believer in the power of a #LiveList (kinda like a Bucket List) to help you break through any barriers you may have to dreaming big. I make all my coaching clients write one of these as their first assignment, it's also the homework to #DreamIT in my book Hustle Believe Receive.

The key to making an ultimate bucket list that will actually manifest, is to focus on the EXPERIENCES you want to live out before you die. You can NOT put GOALS or THINGS on the list, just moments and experiences.

The first bucket list that I wrote back in 2009 has remarkably come to life in ways that I could have never imagined when I first wrote it. So, I'm excited to see how this list shows up in my life in the years to come.


Ultimate Bucket List

Take photos of the white and blue stone houses in Santorini Greece.

Ride a donkey up the stairs from the sea to the village in Greece.

Drink a spritz on the beach in Positano Italy with my girlfriends.

Take a family photo under the Eiffel tower.

Go to the top of the Eiffel tower and snap a selfi!

Eat breakfast at the Giraffe Hotel in Kenya

Parasail behind a jeep driving through the African safari.

Stay in an ice igloo in Iceland.

Stomp and harvest grapes at a vineyard.

Stay in the Elephant room at the Four Seasons in Thailand.

Sleep in a treehouse.

Eat with my fingers while sitting on the floor in Morocco.

Have a tapas and sangria happy hour in Barcelona Spain.

Drive up the coast of Portugal with my kids.

Ride an elephant in Thailand.

Stay in a French farmhouse in France.

Ski and or ride the train through Switzerland.

Retire in Italy.

Ultimate Bucket List -ride a camel

Ride horses on the beach in Mexico.

Ride bikes through Amsterdam with the kids.

Eat fish and chips with a pint in a London pub.

Take a family photo in front of Buckingham palace.

Go to the New York symphony.

See the opera in Vienna.

Meditate above the Grand Canyon, on a road trip with the kids.

Be interviewed by Oprah.

Do a yoga retreat in Bali.

Meet the Pink Sari Gang in India.

Spend a summer with the kids in the South of France and one in Tuscany.

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

Host retreats in Italy, Greece, Spain and France.

Have an event in all 50 states.

Write a script.

Fall in love.

Write a children's book.

Meditate with Buddhist monks in Tibet.

Hike the Great Wall of China with the kids.

Take cooking lessons from Italian Nono's.

Take Italian lessons.

Learn to swing dance.

Visit a cigar factory in Cuba.

Paddle board in Hawaii with the kids.

Learn to play piano.

See alligators on an Everglades boat ride in Florida.

Go duck hunting in England.

Eat crab and drink a beer in New England.

Spend a snowed in Christmas at a cabin in Maine with the kids.

Ultimate Bucket List wine stomping

Drive Route 66 with the kids.

Take a helicopter ride over the rain forest or New York.

Zip line in Costa Rica with the kids.

Drink champagne in Champagne France.

Go to the Canes Film Festival.

Go to Sundance Film Festival.

Party on a Yacht.

Ride a camel in the desert in Dubai.

Take the kids to Cape Town South Africa.

Spend a weekend in Charleston SC.

Go to Mardi Gras with my girl friends.

See the Northern Lights.

Take a hot air balloon ride over vineyards.

See kangaroos in Australia with the kids.

Go to a Super bowl.

Go sailing in the St Barth's.

Have Izzy show me how to fish in a Montana stream.

Go Glamping in Big Sky Mt, ride horses.

Watch a soccer game in Brazil with Kanen.

See ice skating at the Olympic games.

Go on a family volunteer trip.

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UPDATE: March 17, 2021: All the items in BOLD I have ALREADY manifested since making this list in 2017!


Sarah Centrella is a 2x best-selling author, master life coach, keynote speaker and podcaster.