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My France Women's Retreat... Heaven!

I just returned last night from hosting my first women's retreat in France, and let me tell you, my head is still spinning!

This was an absolute dream come true. I don't know about you, but I've always dreamed of traveling the world and doing bucket list type adventures with a like-minded group of women, ones I could be my unfiltered self around and who would enjoy the same types of things that I love. But I didn't have that. So I CREATED it for myself, and it's been above and beyond the dream!

If you know me, then you know I am passionate about 4 things

  1. My children, I love giving them new experiences and showing them the world.

  2. My coaching, teaching people (women especially) how to live their dream life.

  3. Traveling the world.

  4. Cooking.

So I created something truly unique that is a mix of all those things! This is my second retreat (last years Italy was my first), and they are a truly personal curation of the things I love the most. Last year I was able to bring my daughters with me, and will again for this years Italy and next years Greece retreats.

At both last years retreat, and this years, mom's have brought their daughters and nothing makes me happier then women teaching her daughter that she can DO ANYTHING! **If you'd like to bring your daughter and share a room with her, email team@sarahcentrella for special co-ocupancy pricing.

I've had so many fantasies about life on the French Riveria, going back to my early twenties when my obsession with Italy and France began. The old-world glamor of it has always been so enticing, the "once in a lifetime" type experiences are unparalleled, so I went for it! Created a small 5 day retreat for 4 women with a bit of everything.

I rented a house in the Province countryside in a town that just so happens to have some of the best Micheline Star restaurants in the world. It was a town I'd never been to and a villa I'd never seen, so with that, there is always a bit of risk. You PRAY that the photos online of the villa match the reality, and I gotta say this place did (except for the EXTREMELY dated kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms), but that's what REAL travel is like, and that is one of the important things I teach the women who attend, how to travel in REAL LIFE and roll with it, because when you travel abroad there is always gong to be surprises. But the views and the outdoor living were all that mattered and far out did my expectations!

ONCE IN A LIFETIME Live-List Experiences!

For our first live list experience I booked a day on a sailboat, sailing around the islands of Cannes, because how could you be on the Mediterranean and NOT do that?! It's been a HUGE dream of mine, present on countless #futureboards for YEARS. This was hands down a top 10 day of my LIFE!! It was everything I'd dreamed of and more! Jumping off the sailboat and swimming in the Mediterranean, total heaven. Watch my REEL of this day.

For our second, I booked a private perfume workshop, because when you are in Provence, the perfume capital of the world, of course you are going to make your own perfume! SEE OUR REEL.


The other BIG part of any trip or retreat I plan is THE FOOD! I'm a total foodie and I love to cook with local ingredients so cooking and eating out is always going to be a big part of any retreat I host. When we cook, we do it TOGETHER, everyone helps in the kitchen, helps set the table and clean up after, and through it all I teach some of my best tips and hacks for cooking and entertaining. When we eat at the villa I try to prepare and have on hand foods everyone will enjoy and have full access to, when I run to the store, I'll pick-up your favorites (if they have them) because, that's how I do! The fridge will always be stocked with yummy fresh food, snacks, cheese, meets, drinks, and the coffee will always be ready! All of that is included. When we leave the villa and decide to eat in town, that is not included. Watch my retreat FOOD REEL. On our first full night at the villa I hired a private chef to make us a 6-course meal, which was mind-blowing! And he did an amazing job of taking care of our non-gluten and non-dairy guests. SEE IT HERE.

I also love photography and making women feel beautiful and capturing their trip in a way that feels special, so I teach my photoshoot tips, and document their trip for them so all they need to do is sit back and enjoy it! Our little photoshoots are my favorite, showing women just how beautiful they are, it's amazing! But don't worry, these are always optional!

This trip was an amazing mix of all the things I love, with women I adore and I'm so grateful for their trust and belief in me, and for the friendships we've formed.

Join me for your own adventure this October in Tuscany Italy, or next May in Greece!!! Or, if you prefer to travel with me privately for an emersion coaching/travel experience, you can book a private tour to anyplace in the world you wanna go!

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