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My BIG Italian Dream is About to Become Reality: Women's Italy Retreats

As you know by now, Italy is my place, it's my souls home. It awakens parts of me that I never knew existed, and generates so much joy and passion.

My BIG Italian Dream

It was that passion that lead me to plan my very FIRST retreat in Italy last October, just two months after returning from our trip last summer. I thought, if I could share the gift of Italy with women from around the world, women who otherwise may never go, and combine that with my coaching, what a perfect week that would be!

My BIG Italian Dream is About to Become Reality: Women's Italy Retreats

And now, that week is about to begin, I can't believe it's here already, and my god, I can't wait!

Right now, women from across the US are flying in to join me and my daughters in a private villa in Tuscany, starting tomorrow, a dream five years in the making, coming true for the first time in just a few short hours.

For the past several months the women have gotten a chance to know me, and each other, on our monthly Zoom calls, a place where we could connect and they could ask questions to help plan their individual trips. I did this to help relieve the anxiety we can all face at the thought of staying for a week in a house with total strangers! Now, none of us will be strangers, we will instead be friends meeting in person for the first time, embarking on a bonding week like no other. When we come together in a few days we'll build on our existing connection to make lasting friendships and create transformative life changes through deep coaching.

I've worked hard to make that process as painless and easy for them, from giving advice on everything from where to fly into and out of, what train to catch, how to navigate transportation, what to see, how to get the best deals, how to make the most of their trip, what to pack, what to do before and or after the trip... all of it. Everything I've learned the last 8 years in my International travels.

My goal and vision for my guests is that they experience the power, magic and empowerment of traveling alone as a woman. There is nothing like it, and it's something many women will never do. It's badass, and I'm so proud of them for taking on this exciting challenge!

I can't freakin' wait for all of it to begin!

Go follow me on Insta @sarahcentrella and watch my stories each day, I'll show you my Italy.

And then NEXT YEAR girl, I think it should be YOU headed to the villa to meet me for OUR retreat!

My BIG Italian Dream Women's Retreats

I've set up a 12-month payment plan, so if you RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW, you'll get the advantage of that 12/month lower monthly payment. Each month that get's closer that amount amortizes over fewer months, so NOW is the time to sign up if you want to join me next summer!


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