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Sometimes You're the Windshield...

Sometimes You're the Windshield... Sometimes you're the bug.

Which one are you today?

sometimes you're the windshield

I gotta be honest... not every day is a "jumping for joy, can't believe this is my life!" kinda day. Some days, it's more like "UGH I can't believe this is my life." Wanna know a secret? Everyone has those days. TBH, I've had a few recently. It tends to happen when I'm working extra hard on several things, and they don't fall into place as fast as I want them to. Know what I mean? God! That shit is annoying! That's when I'm most likely to slip into stress mode, and of course, it's when said mode, needs to be avoided at all costs. See, I know how manifesting works. I know that as good as I am at manifesting the good stuff, I can also be my worst enemy when it comes to manifest piles of shit! And that is NOT my jam (anymore).

How to not give up when the going gets tough

  • I read my journal from a time when life was much worse. Or, read my blog posts from when my house flooded and I didn't have a place to live. That snaps me into gratitude mode, right quick.

  • Or, I look at my #FutureBoards for inspiration to keep going.

  • Or I read my list of goals (which I keep in my wallet), that has big check-marks all over it, for the things I've already accomplished.

  • Or, I read my bucket list from 2011, because I've already lived half of it since then.

The point is, I remind myself of how far I've come and I get grateful for it.

I have created these measurable ways to check myself and log my progress. Because I know myself; if given the opportunity I'll start throwing a tantrum for not being where I want to be. I've learned to recognize when doubt, obstacles, and discouragement threaten my dreams, and I use these tools to snap out of it. Some days we do feel like the windshield. Like, nothing could ever go wrong. Like, everything we touch turns to gold. But then there are days when we feel like that squished bug, smearing across the windshield, guts on display. I've learned to capitalize on those good vibe times, to bottle that magic and save it for the days when I'm not feeling so "lucky." PRO TIP: Start being aware of what sets you off and track how you either stopped it or snapped out of it. Also, track what your triggers are so you can spot them better next time. Start logging your journey. Keep a daily/weekly journal so you have something to go back and read to prove you're not there anymore.

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Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.

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