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Vision Board Success Story: Manifesting Works!

Vision Board Success Story: Manifesting Works! #Futureboards

Vision Board Success Story: Manifesting Works!

Have you ever made a vision board? Or been to a vision board party? If not it's time for a little Bubbles and Dreams! Grab the champs cuz I'm gonna tell you a pretty awesome success story that will make you want to finally make a board that works!

For years, I've been coaching people around the world on how to make a #FutureBoard (my version of a vision board), and it's been so incredible to watch their lives change. However, I've done most of this coaching virtually (for the most part), so I hadn't gotten the opportunity to see my clients make their board in person. But recently I've been giving live classes and it's been such a joy to have that personal interaction with people as they start to piece together their future lives.

Oh did I mention that these boards we create, actually WORK!? Welp they do... and here's just ONE recent example.

Vision Board Success Story: Manifesting Works!

The other day I heard from a former client who'd began her coaching and #HBRjourney after hitting her personal rock-bottom. She'd recently divorced, found herself in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a result, had lost her business, hated her job and where she lived. She couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. And like most of my clients wasn't even sure what or how to start dreaming of a new life. She felt trapped in the life she'd created and uninspired for the future.

We worked together each week through the first four steps of the #HBRMethod. As is common, she struggled with the first step #DreamIt. It was hard for her to imagine anything beyond her current reality, and dreaming big felt silly. I reassured her that this is the normal reaction, and pushed her past those limiting beliefs. Then came #ThinkIt which directly addressed those negative thoughts that were holding her back, and keeping her stuck in the negative cycle.

We worked on #SayIt focusing on only putting out into the Universe the future she wanted to create, and put the lockdown on any bitchin' about her present situations. Then we mapped out her new life, creating a five-year #LifePlan.

By the fifth week of coaching, she was feeling like a new women! People had began to comment on how positive she'd become and she began to look for (and find), small miracles happening daily in her life, reinforcing this new path. So by the time we got to making her #FutureBoard in week five, she was not only ready, she was excited! She couldn't wait to put visuals to the written plan, and she'd already begun #CreateAMovieInYourHead where she'd been daydreaming about this new life.

What did she want? To move someplace warm. Not have to work any more. To meet the love of her life and get remarried. Have money in the bank and be debt free. She wanted to LIVE! And enjoy this new chapter in her life to the fullest.

That was about eighteen months ago.

Just to show that you DO get exactly what you ask for, about 10 months ago, she was terminated from her job, the one she hated. This, as you might imagine completely changed her financial life. She had been paying out about 1/3 of her monthly take-home pay in the CH 13 bankruptcy. While losing her job initially felt devastating, it allowed her to convert to a CH 7, which wiped out all debt, except her student loans. She then went on to get a job she enjoys to help her save money.

The other day she messaged me to say that; she’s found the love of her life, is moving to the sunny destination of her dreams, is no longer working at a job she hates, and in fact won’t need to work at all once she moves! And oh yeah, she has the amount of money she’d put on her board, in her bank!

I was FREAKING THE FUCK OUT! Because no matter how many times I do this with a client, every time they come back with results like these, I almost can't believe it! I reminded her that just 18 months ago, we'd literally created that life for her out of thin air! It was fiction when we started. And now... not so much!

Vision Board Success Story
vision board success

This is why I love what I do. Because IT WORKS. Because it changes people lives.

So back to my first question, even if you've created a vision board in the past, I can promise you it's not a FutureBoard (unless you followed the steps in the book lol). And if it's not, then it's time you make one! Because this story is awesome, but it's not the only one. Not by a mile.

Lately I've lead several #futurerboard workshops for corporations and would love to motivate your team too! Here's to making dreams happen, together.

Ready to take your life, career, goals and yourself to the next level? Check out my life coaching options or take my online life coaching courses to get the results you DESERVE!

Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.


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