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Sarah Centrella Show: Radical Self Love with Danette May

Today I'm talking with best selling author and America's leading heath and nutrition expert Danette May.

I've been looking forward to this interview for a long time, after reading Danette's book The Rise last year, and I'm soooo excited for her new book Embrace Abundance! You are gonna want go PRE-ORDER this new one and take advantage of Danette's virtual coaching event she talks about in the show.

Danette is dropping all the knowledge Super Foods, what they are, what they do and why you should absolutely care! I am OBSESSED with her Cacao Bliss, adding it to my coffee daily! Check out her line of goodies HERE

And be sure to follow Danette's journey on Instagram @thedanettemay

About your host: Sarah Centrella is the best-selling author of Hustle Believe Receive and #futureboards. She is a master life coach, manifesting expert, and motivational speaker. Follow Sarah on Instagram and join the conversation @sarahcentrella and learn more at

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00:00:01 Welcome to the show! Master life coach, manifesing expert, sharing tips and tools to help you create your dream life. It's time to Hustle and Thrive. Now here's your host, Sarah Centrella.

00:00:24 All right, everybody. Welcome back to the Sarah Centrella show. I am so excited for today's show because I have a very special guest on today and it's one that I've been wanting to get on the show since I launched last year. So, welcome Danette May!

I'm so thrilled that we get this opportunity to connect and thanks for being patient on my end. I've been wanting to connect with you as well. So I'm excited to sit down with you and just go through all the things, right? Yeah. And you have so many exciting things that you've been working on. First, and foremost, I just want to say that you're hot! And your chocolate is the best shit I've ever had!

I know! We're gonna get into so many fun things, but for those of you who don't know her yet, go grab her book. The Rise in stores everywhere. I highly recommend it.

00:01:24 Just a lot of good, meaty stuff in there, that I definitely related to. I know our listeners will as well, but then you have lots of big things happening as well. But before we get to that, you've been featured in all the national press. You have a best-selling book, you're the leading health and fitness expert in the country. But we didn't start there, right? None of us start there. And I'm always so fascinated by the journey to get us to the place where we're actually living our dream. So where do you consider that starting point for you? And tell us a little bit about your journey to get here.

Yeah, I'm like you, I really am. I'm like, okay, I know where someone started. I know where they ended. What is that Gap? What is that in-between area where they are ups and downs and valleys and all the things?

00:02:24 It doesn't matter what you see on social media or what you think, you see it. And you think you know about someone, they're having their valleys and they're having their peeks, yeah their having those peeks, but their also having their vally. So, for me, it definitely is, I really am a believer that we're all gifted with what I call a Refiner's Fire and that is this time where you are completely in the fire, of life, and you are being molded into, your fullest, most beautiful vibrant self. And you get to mold and melt away, all the things that are truly not you, to get down to your essence, and your true purpose here. And so for me, I had my Refiner's Fire, and if any of you have had that, or we might sometimes have more than one, if we're lucky because it just keeps molding us into the true character of who we are. Mine led me to where I am today, and I'm so grateful for it.

00:03:24 I swear I was just doing everything that I felt I was supposed to be doing and I think we can all relate to that. Like believing the way I was raised to believe. Marrying the guy I think my family wants me to marry. Going through the steps that I should be going through because that's how I was raised, but knowing deep down there was a rumbling. But being so good at pushing the rumbling down and turning off the intuition.

I was pregnant with my second child, and it is going to be a little boy. I was so excited cuz I was raised with all brothers. So, super excited about having a little boy, and I was sitting in the rocking chair, and I was trying to wake him up because I wanted to feel his kicks, and getting excited, it was just one of those rare, quiet moments. And I had a strong impression that something was wrong, cuz I couldn't get any movement out of him. But when you're really good at turning off your intuition, you just don't want to face that reality. You don't want to face that one, because if you faced that one, you've got to face, every other one that you are shutting down too.

00:04:24 So, long story short, I went to the hospital, I had my son, and I came home without my son. This led me down down a spiral of depression that I had never even been in before. It's hard to even understand depression and until you've stepped into it, it's unknown territory and I was there. And what a beautiful gift it was that Rock Bottom afforded me. The feeling of 'I don't care anymore.' So when you don't care anymore, you're taking all these hats, and all these walls, and all these layers of who people think you are, off. Cuz you're like, 'I don't even care anymore.' It starts to unravel the truth of what you were hiding, the truth that you weren't telling yourself and others. And so it led me on this journey of going through a very difficult divorce. I was a single mom and had just $47 to my name.

00:05:24 But in this evolution of feeling like I was in the washing machine of my life, and couldn't breathe, it let me truly understand, that out of chaos can be equal or greater good. And out of that chaos came on layering to Danette and this is where I started really learning about superfoods so I could get out of the depression, learning about my mindset. What did I really believe? It really solidified the true, true essence of movement for me, and why I'm so adamant about movement for people. I'm still evolving, but this is where I was like, I want to help as many women as possible. I had a dream in my heart, but I was turning on my intuition, so I'd listen to it and reach out to certain people, and when I would get a hit, I didn't even know who they were, I had no pennies to rub together. I wasn't connected to anyone, but I would drop in the meditation, I dropped into my intuition, and I started connecting with marketers, who became business partners.

00:06:24 And then my husband, and we really just grew from $47 to two 8-figure businesses, just truly stepping into intuition and embracing the abundance that is for all of our taking.

Yeah, there's so much so much, big portions of your story that I relate to. My mine started with a Rock Bottom moment as well and the implosion of my world, and my marriage, and things like that. And I think, you know, I love how you put it that when you go through something like that, your pride has gone, right? Just whatever it was that helped you keep together the face for the world, before something like that happens, just evaporates. Like I just couldn't find any fucks to give. Not for anything.

00:07:24 Right? Like, you have an opinion about me? I really don't care. Like it makes no difference to me whatsoever, cuz I'm just trying to live. I'm just trying to literally survive, trying to get up every day. Take care of my kids and get the next day, you know, in the very beginning. And I think there is, like you said, something so incredibly freeing about that, at least there was for me. I was, you know, trying to get through my twenties and my thirties, being like everybody else. That was what I think my biggest goal was, I just wanted to be normal and successful. I have no idea what either of those words ment, but I was determined to be them. And then you know, when something dramatic like that happens, and your whole world is rocked, you strip everything back and say, who am I? What is this about? Why am I here?

00:08:24 What makes me want to get up in the morning and start reconstructing it, like you said, layer-by-layer, little bit by little bit. So, there is definitely something I want us to dig into deeper, because I'm a super, mega believer in our intuition, and listening to your intuition. And I think a lot of people have no idea what it even is, besides that everyone knows the term woman's intuition. And most of us women, do know what we're talking about there. But our intuition is alive and well, in everything, but we are only conditioned to listen to it to see if our spouse is cheating, you know what I mean? Like, it's there in every decision you make, it's there and in how you show up every morning. It's there in literally everything, and I would say, it's the best life coach on the planet. You know, if people would just listen to it, I wouldn't have a job!

00:09:24 I love how you said, it's so much bigger and wider than just, is my spouse is cheating on me. So just like yesterday, I would have gone to this podcast tour in LA, but I didn't feel excited about it. I should be excited to fly to LA and meet with these people. It's been on the calendar, but something didn't feel right. This is where intuition comes in because all on paper, it lined up, right? I've been dying to meet these people. LA's pretty quick trip. I've got people to stay with, I can go meet XYZ this person, this person, but this is the power of intuition, and yesterday was just uncomfortable with it. You feel a little bit uncomfortable, even though all the boxes are checked. And this is where I don't falter anymore. In the past. I would have been, like, I got to go, like I made a commitment, I got to go. So now I just reach out and say, hey, I don't know if this is actually lining up perfectly for you, or not, but I'm not feeling like me.

00:10:24 We should push this out and I should come at a later date. Does that work for you? If it doesn't let me know, honestly, so that I'm not screwing up your schedule and creating a huge inconvenience. Pretty much 90% of the time. Their like, that's totally fine, that works perfect actually, I was just thinking about it too. I'm going to listen to my body cuz it's starting to feel a little resistance. And then more doors are able to move. A lot of times people are feeling a resistance because you're ready to go to that big leap. Your ready to take that next evolution and your brains, like, new, new, new, so it creates butterflies in the body, right? And then you think, oh, something bad, might happen. I shouldn't do that. Got to be really careful with that, because those butterflies could be that hit of intuition, right? And it's checking to say, is this still new? And so that's why I'm getting the butterflies? My brain is good at turning on this little defense mechanism inside of myself.

00:11:24 Protect me and I don't know, am I safe? I'm going to follow this. I call it, follow the butterflies. Butterflies are beautiful, but it doesn't feel awesome in your belly, but if you can just follow them, then they move out of your belly, right? Yeah. I struggled with this in the beginning, how do I know the difference of when my intuition is really trying to guide a decision? You know, you're at that decision point. You're weighing your pros and cons, asking, what should I do? What should I do? And there's a clear one that, like you said, your actual physical body will tell you. I can tell if I'm going against my intuition cuz I get knots in my stomach, or I get a stomach ache, or it literally feels like my throat is closing. My physical body will tell me almost immediately now, because I've trained myself to listen and kind of watch the signals.

00:12:24 But if it is in the right direction, I will get the butterflies that you're talking about. I will still have a little bit of fear, you know the kind of fear that you feel when you're having a dream and your body is jumping? Like, woo! But that to me as a good thing, I want a little bit of fear. And I also want a little bit of peace, you know? Like when you're following that inner voice, even when it is scary, even when it's unknown, even when you don't know how everything is going to play out, I always find that there is still a little bit of a piece. I don't know how else to kind of describe it, it's just feeling like it's going to be okay. I don't know how it's going to be okay, but it is. And then you look at the other side, and that just feels dark and scary. And that's kind of how I've learned to navigate it over time, but I think getting to know yourself helps a lot too, just listening to yourself.

00:13:22 I think you nailed it. It's like test, trial and error. You said that, once you test this, you get a hit of intuition and you step into it. You go all in. You've got to set yourself up for success. This is where I would like, women in general, because women are such wisdom keepers, women are so potent and powerful with their intuition. But I'm watching this era of women right now, who are trying so hard to fit into a role. And it's interesting because it's like, they want this goddess image, like I'm this beautiful woman, and treat me as such, but they're grinding like a man. And they almost feel like they have to. It depends on the niche, the condition of the group of the woman, but it can be like they're grinding, grinding, grinding because they feel, they have to prove themselves, and their worthiness to their job, and through their accolades, and what they can accomplish.

00:14:22 I just want to remind all all of us, when you want to tune in to your intuition, please take this time, a solo time. Every single day in silence, put that phone away. Do not do social media, do not open your email, do not turn on the news and just really get into the answers for you. When you set up this conditioning in this space, which is a sacred space, whether is out in nature, or you have a little space in your home, and you set the intention, that I'm going to connect with my higher self, and you do this regularly, the intuition will come in more potent. You're giving in, versus just hustling, hustling, or driving, driving or on my phone, on my phone. Yeah, you have to give yourself that quietness to be able to, to hear it. And, to be able to do that, once you really start listening to it, start making your decisions by it, like you said, now you're at a place where, as soon as you start to feel it you're able to say I'm fine with changing plans