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PODCAST: Intuition and Entrepreneurship with Erica Maurer

On today's show I am chatting with Erica Maurer, Partner at EMRG Media and The Event Planner Expo, and the co-creator of the Women's Insider Network.

Erica has created events for stars like Cardi B, The Jonas Brothers and even me! She is a true badass who's had to (like many of us) totally pivot her live events business because of COVID. She will be sharing her wisdom as an entrepreneur for 20 years, and how following her intuition and instincts has guided her career.

Follow her journey on Insta: @ericamaurer7

About your host: Sarah Centrella is the best-selling author of Hustle Believe Receive and #futureboards. She is a master life coach, manifesting expert, and motivational speaker. Follow Sarah on Instagram and join the conversation @sarahcentrella and learn more at

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