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Leadership, Love Languages, and Work-Life Balance with Andre Young

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Leaders, Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs, this is a must listen! In this powerful episode, I sit down with Andre Young, a seasoned Professional Speaker, Author, Trainer, and the Founder of You Evolving Now, LLC. With a remarkable 19-year career as a Mental Health Therapist, Andre brings a unique perspective to the worlds of leadership, work-life balance, and personal growth.

Andre Young

Having been a burned-out employee, to becoming a business owner, Andre shares invaluable insights from his diverse experiences. He is also the author of three impactful books centered around enhancing leadership skills and fostering a healthier work/life balance.

Our conversation delves into the fascinating topic of the "7 Types of Leaders," unraveling the intricacies of leadership styles that can shape organizational success. Andre sheds light on how understanding and applying love languages can significantly impact leadership effectiveness, creating stronger connections within teams.

We explore the challenges of maintaining work-life balance in the corporate landscape, and Andre provides practical strategies for individuals striving to achieve harmony between their professional and personal lives. The discussion extends to the evolving trend of companies investing in personal growth tools and coaching for their employees, recognizing the profound impact it can have on both individual well-being and organizational productivity.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into leadership dynamics, the power of love languages, and the changing landscape of work-life balance in corporate America. Join us as we uncover the keys to personal and professional evolution with the dynamic Andre Young.

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About your host: Sarah Centrella is the best-selling author of several self-help books. She is a master life coach, manifesting expert, and motivational speaker, and Founder of VIVIAMO 


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