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Finding Love After 50: Dating Advice with Nancy Bruce

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In this episode of The Sarah Centrella Show, I sit down with Nancy Bruce, the go-to guide for finding love after 50 and host of the Finding Love Podcast. Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, sharing her insightful tips for manifesting love and navigating the world of dating in midlife, particularly on dating apps.

Finding love with Nancy Bruce

We delve into the importance of protecting your mental health while dating and discuss strategies to maintain confidence throughout the process. Nancy shares her own dating stories, offering relatable anecdotes that resonate with listeners.

Whether you're actively seeking love or simply curious about the journey of finding love later in life, this episode is packed with valuable advice. Nancy's wisdom and expertise provide actionable insights for women who are looking for love and navigating the complexities of dating in midlife. Tune in to gain invaluable tips and perspectives on manifesting love and building fulfilling relationships after 50.

Follow Nancy on Instagram @nancy.h.bruce

About your host: Sarah Centrella is the best-selling author of several self-help books. She is a master life coach, manifesting expert, and motivational speaker, and Founder of VIVIAMO which provides personal development coaching to corporate teams. 


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