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Sparkle & Grit: Taking Risks to Follow Your Passion with Wendy Meadows

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Join me as I welcome one of my clients, friends and a true inspiration Wendy Meadows to the show! She is the powerhouse behind the best-selling book "Sparkle & Grit: Live a Technicolor Life By Finally Finding Balance, Escaping Monotony, and Beating Burnout." Wendy's journey from a distinguished family law attorney to an entrepreneurial life coach is nothing short of inspiring.

In this episode, we delve into Wendy's remarkable career shift, exploring the challenges and triumphs she encountered along the way. With over two decades of experience in litigation, mediation, coaching, and consulting, Wendy brings invaluable insights and relatable wisdom to the table.

We uncover the nuances of her transition from the legal world to entrepreneurship and coaching, exploring the struggles, adjustments, and pivotal moments that shaped her path. Wendy shares her expertise on navigating career changes, finding balance, and thriving in life's vibrant tapestry.

"Sparkle & Grit" isn't just a book; it's a guiding beacon for women seeking to embrace their passions, establish transformative routines, and craft the lives they desire. Wendy unveils the core principles and actionable strategies from her book, empowering listeners to unlock their potential and create meaningful change.

Join us as Wendy Meadows imparts invaluable advice, drawing from her experiences coaching clients, consulting for small firms, mediating family law disputes, and speaking at impactful events. And discover a side of Wendy beyond her professional endeavors—her love for water play with family and her boundless wanderlust.

If you're ready to infuse your life with vibrancy, balance, and purpose, tune in to this episode for an enriching conversation with Wendy S. Meadows.

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Freebie for your Listeners!!

Wendy is giving away a free downloadable PDF of her journal page!  Please feel free to print it out or use it on your tablet!  These journal prompts are the BEST way to begin each day!


Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.

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