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How to Know When You're Manifesting: Ideas and Opportunities

How to Know When You're Manifesting: Recognizing Your Ideas and Opportunities that Could Disguise Your Manifestations.

Did you know that most people miss their manifestations? Why? Because the most common way that manifesting shows up is in the form of an idea or an opportunity, and no one is looking for either.

How to Know When You're Manifesting: Recognizing Your Ideas

That's right, it doesn't fall from the sky in the form of a winning lotto ticket. Instead, it's most often disguised in the form of an opportunity or an idea. And that's the reason most people miss their manifestations because they're too busy looking at the sky waiting for everything to drop in their lap, rather than taking action when ideas and opportunities arise.

When you know what you want, and have put it into the universe through speaking about it, daydreaming about it, visualizing it, making a #futureboard show it, and focusing on it, you will start to get inspired ideas. PAY ATTENTION to them.

Getting clear on what you want is the key though, because that's what you can vet your idea against to know if it's leading you to your manifestation or not. It's also how you can tell if an opportunity is your manifestation in disguise.

I always ask myself these simple questions to help me vet the idea to uncover the potential manifestation or opportunity.

  1. Did I ask for this? In other words, is this something that I've previously identified that I want?

  2. When I think of acting on this idea, how do I feel? Personally I look for a mix of: excitement, uncertainty, inspiration, a little fear, and a small sense of peace or "knowing" that somehow it's the right path to take.

  3. What's holding me back from taking action? If it's fear, or a "lack mindset," or money concerns, thats my indicator to take the leap of faith. Because I never want a limiting belief to be what stands between me and everything I want.

Do you act when you get that exciting flash of an idea? I know, you know, which ones I mean. They're the ideas that seem to come from out of the blue but are clear as day. It's like instantly you see a new path, or a new approach, or a new solution...and THAT'S what you need to act on. Those little gems are deliveries from the Universe to lead you in the direction of your manifestation, so be aware, and be ready. When they come, ACT. Always! They've been delivered to you for a reason, they are the answer you seek. Have the confidence in yourself, the process, and the Universe to act on them even if you don't know what you're doing or how the heck they will work out. Take flawed action because it's better than no action. What separates successful people from just plain dreamers? Successful people ACT on the idea, they make progress on the dream. So the next time a "random" powerful idea pops into your head, pay attention and take action. It could lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.


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