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  • Sarah Centrella

Why Companies are Using #futureboards Workshops to Empower and Motivate Employees NOT Vision Boards

companies using vision board workshops to motivate employees

These days companies of all sizes are looking for new ways to inspire, empower and motivate their employees in a way that is positive, morale-boosting, and equally self-serving.

Forget old-school "vision boards" they are so 90's.

Don't waste your companies time making the same tired vision boards we were making 20 years ago! No one needs a picture of a taco on their wall, let's get real. Gone are the days of spending hundreds of dollars on magazines, and hours looking at random crap you don't want or need. That's what we did BEFORE WE KNEW BETTER.

The concept of traditional "vision boarding" (essentially a random college board) has been around in corporate sales teams for many years. In fact, my former boss had our team make a "magazine goal board" back in 2004 in my first corporate sales job. But, like everyone else on my team, nothing ever manifested off those boards. Her intentions might have been good, but the exercise was essentially pointless because there was no lasting motivation or results.

Then in 2008, my world exploded when I discovered my husband's affair. At the time I'd been a stay-at-home mom for over two years, we had 13-month old twin daughters and a five-year-old son. We'd just lost our house in foreclosure and filed bankruptcy, so this news landed like a bomb, destroying everything in my life.

It took me several months to find a job, and when I did it came with a starting salary that barely covered rent and daycare. I was starting from the bottom in every possible way, including in my career, cold calling in a closet cubicle for my new inside sales job.

Things were so bleak back then that I began creating an alternate universe in my mind, one where I was successful, living my dream life, becoming my best self, and showing my kids the world. This fantasy made me so happy, that one day I decided to find all the pictures that went with it, hoping it would inspire me to keep dialing through all the "no's."

That was my very first #futureboard. I had no expectations, especially considering I knew the "Vision Board" I'd made before never worked, but honestly, I didn't care. It made me happy to look at it while I made my calls, it gave me hope that things would get better, and over time... it created a BURNING desire within me to make it happen.

Within 18-months that board came to life! I went from a newly single mom on food stamps to Director of Business Development. Over the next several years as I rose up the corporate ladder to VP of Sales, my income 5x, I traveled the world with my kids, wrote a best-selling book, started my own company and am living a life I'd once only dreamed about. (READ MY STORY)

Since then, I've been teaching tens of thousands of people across the globe, how to do what I have done. Because you see... I DID NOT MAKE A VISION BOARD. I made a #futureboard, and trust me, THEY ARE NOT the same thing!

Without even realizing it, I'd tapped into how you self-create INTERNAL MOTIVATION. How you take static goals, and scary sales quotas and turn them into the big life moments and experiences YOU dream of.

And this is why companies like Nike, Sony, Verizon, Pinterest, Xerox, and many others hire me to teach their employees and sales teams how to do the exact same thing!

Unlike the olden days of pointless vision boarding, today we know better, and companies want their employees to GET RESULTS. They want to offer cutting edge tools from the expert who created the method! They want tangible ROI, and let me tell you my #futureboards workshops and team training, delivers astounding results. Why? Because employees are learning the skills and tools to MOTIVATE THEMSELVES WITH THEIR PERSONAL DREAMS! And nothing on earth is a greater motivation than that.

Think about it for a minute...

  • Imagine not having to push your sales team, or hound your employees to get motivated.

  • What if the energy at your company was positive, motivated, excited, and driven to excellence?

  • Imagine your employees understanding the importance of a success mindset, and what if they knew HOW to get it, and began achieving things they never dreamed they could?

  • Imagine they understood that having a healthy work-life balance makes them BETTER in every area of their life, including work.

  • What if they knew the value of having a healthy mind and body, and spent time doing things they loved that allowed them to de-stress, connect, feel passionate, and fulfilled?

  • What if they had all the tools, knew how to use them, and got fast results? That would make them EMPOWERED, right?

What if YOU, as a leader, knew how to cultivate this? How unstoppable would your team be? How massively successful would your business be?

That is what I teach. And it WORKS.

3 Reasons Why Companies Use #FutureBoard Workshops to Motivate Teams and Increase Productivity.

1. When an employee is happy, motivated, fulfilled, positive, driven, and passionate about their life, that massively impacts their work performance.

But HOW do you achieve this? Employers know that there is more to life than work, but they need their employees to show up every day with a passion for their job as if it's the most important part of life. So, how do you effectively foster both attitudes? How do you encourage a fulfilling work-life balance?

Answer: You tie them both together.

My workshops teach employees how to look at their life in the big picture; how to define and focus on their future as opposed to where they are today. This mentality encourages them to dream big, which by default translates to them wanting to do better at work so they can begin achieving these newly defined dreams and advancing their career through improved performance.

2. Sometimes employers need a little help motivating and coaching employees to succeed.

We've all worked with people who are self-starters, personally motivated, and as a result, are "climbing the ladder." But we've also worked with team members who just don't seem to get it. They need to be coaxed and prodded but do have the other skills needed to be successful.

The question sales managers struggle with is how do you get them to become SELF-MOTIVATED?

Answer: You teach them how to discover their potential and possibilities based on what matters to THEM.

Most people who lack self-motivation, do so because they lack belief and imagination that it could be possible for THEM. This is the reason why dangling large commission structures as the "carrot" for sales teams, seldom works.

But what happens when that same sales rep starts translating those dollar amounts into how it will practically change their life. Will they finally be able to buy that house? Take that vacation? Get their kid in a better school? What does that money MEAN to them?

3. They want to improve morale and show employees they care.

If making your #futureboard could change your life, you'd be excited right? And what if you could share that mindset, excitement, and sense of possibility with your entire team?

If you are lucky enough to have someone on your team with a positive attitude, who's driven, is always hustling, and wanting to be their very best, then you can only imagine what it would be like if the rest of your team knew how to BECOME, like that.

Sorry, not sorry, because if you are looking for 90's vision boarding, keep Googling. Spend hours making a giant mess with magazine clippings of random crap, and go back to life as is.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the HOTTEST TREND in personal development, a method with PROVEN RESULTS, delivered with REAL TOOLS, designed to EMPOWER your team, taught by the master and creator of the method (me!), then I'd love to chat!

See just some of the incredible manifestations from my #futureboards over the past decade HERE.

TO LEARN MORE about my custom #futureboards Workshops and set up a booking consultation to see how I can empower your team with the tools they need to custom build their future success and a life they love! Wanna book me to speak at your next event? Motivational Keynote Speaker.


Sarah Centrella is a 2x best-selling author, master life coach, keynote speaker and podcaster.