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How to be Relentless

Here’s what you need to know about success…

People who are successful (aka achieve the thing they want), spend all their time and energy focusing on the various ways they can achieve their desired result. THAT is where their energy goes.

It does not go to thinking about all the ways they could fail. When thoughts of failure come up, they beat them back with more thoughts of DETERMINATION, they remind themselves what they want and why, and they keep trying no matter what.

They don’t have back-up plans.

They put all their eggs in one basket and they (sometimes blindly), boldly, fight through the unknown.

That is the only way you build relentless pursuit.

The only way you become relentless is by focusing on your dream outcome, and NOT the nightmare one.

When you think about your dreams, what thoughts do you foster?

Do you allow space for doubt?

Do you make room for indecision?

Do you tell yourself, “if this doesn’t work, I could always try something else?” Or do you go ALLLLLL IN?

People who go 200% in are the 1% successful. People who go half in, get halfass, unsatisfying results. Which one are you?

Don’t wait to feel this confident and this relentless BEFORE you start, remember the ONLY way to get to that point is to build it slowly through focus, vision, visualization, desire, and action!

Put in the work and the relentlessness will build in its own.

And why do you need to be relentless? Because it will put you on near auto pilot, and make you nearly bullet proof, agains obstacles disappointment and adversity, and would wouldn’t want that added layer of support?

Get after it today!!!

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