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Manifesting Paris! How I Manifested the Trip of a Lifetime to Paris

How I Manifested the Trip of a Lifetime to Paris.

It was 2009 the first time I put a photo of the Eiffel Tower on my very first vision board #Futureboard. Since then, every subsequent board has boasted a beautiful photo of the symbol of Paris, the city of lights.

Sarah Centrella Manifesting Paris! How I Manifested the Trip of a Lifetime to Paris

Paris was a dream long before 2009. It's a place I have longed to visit since my early twenties, back when my travel wanderlust first began. But back then I didn't really believe that I'd ever get to go. After all, people don't; go to Paris, where I'm from. It seemed a romantic fantasy at best.

In 2009, it seemed an absolute IMPOSSIBLE dream. At the time I was just trying to survive, hoping each month to pay the bills, keep the lights on, rent paid, and food in my three kids' mouths, Paris?! Now that was just pure insanity!

What NERVE I had to dream so audaciously HUGE! Who was I, after all? I was nothing more than a broke single mom, trying to get off welfare and back on my feet, trying desperately to overcome odds that were overwhelmingly stacked against me.

But that vision, of me one day drinking Champagne in a little bistro, while gazing up at the lights illuminating the Eiffel Tower, brought profound joy. Just the thought alone, that one day it could be me, was enough to fill me with childlike hope and optimism.

Manifesting Paris! How I Manifested the Trip of a Lifetime to Paris

I wanted the type of life where instead of spending Christmas alone, on the years my kids spent it with their dad, I could be walking through the streets of Paris, coat, and scarf wrapped warmly around me as I captured the city's glory with my camera. That's been my dream, for the past 8 years.

So, in January of this year (2018) I wrote out my dreams, all of them, including Paris, and I made a personal declaration, this would be the year I made this dream a reality. I didn't have a clue as to how I'd accomplish this, but I know enough about my #HBRMethod that I needed to at least #SayIT, and release it into the universe so it could find its way back to me.

So, I did.

I began telling anyone who'd listen, that I would be spending this Christmas in Paris. My goal was to purchase my ticket in June, so there'd be no backing out. But June came and went and I still did not have a ticket.

Then, this past Saturday, I sat down to lunch with my lifelong friend and mentor Duffie, and told her of my dream. She seemed surprised when I said I'd not gotten my ticket yet. "Why not?" She wanted to know. What was I waiting for? Why was I hesitating on a dream I'd so clearly defined for such a long time? I didn't know.

Manifesting Paris! How I Manifested the Trip of a Lifetime to Paris

"Get your ticket!" She said, squeezing my hand. "Promise me you will do this, for you." At that moment, I knew I could do this. I could make it happen. I didn't need to wait for permission, validation, the perfect anything... I could do this! The money would be there, it would all work out, it was time.

Yesterday I booked my flight and hotel for my week in Paris over Christmas! I still can't quite believe it. And OF COURSE, as the Universe would have it, the flights dropped yesterday to be within my budget, and I got the very last room at the hotel I wanted to stay at. An hour later, I walked into Costco on a quick errand, and as I stepped inside all the screens in the TV section displayed the Eiffel Tower, I kid you not! It was a little sign from the Universe, and a smile wrapped around my face and engulfed my heart.

I manifested Paris by putting that dream into the Universe long before I had any idea how it would happen. I manifested it by saying it, by acting on faith when the opportunity arose, and by trusting the process that it would all work out.

Manifesting does NOT mean that all your dreams will magically fall from the sky. It doesn't mean that you have no skin in the game. On the contrary, it means that the Universe (or God) is backing you up. It's making the impossible, possible for you, if (and only if) you are willing to meet it halfway.

Are you willing to step out on faith and take action when an opportunity is presented? Are you aware enough in your life to see it when it comes? Are you able to push past your doubt and fear and act anyway? Because THAT is what it takes if you seriously want to live your dreams. It takes courage, faith and ACTION (hustle).

Why aren't you living your dreams?

What are the reasons/excuses you tell yourself to justify not taking action? Because I can promise you, in 20 years you won't remember those excuses, but you will regret not living your dreams.

I live my dreams every day because it's a choice I make every day. I CHOOSE to not just chase them, not just dream them, but to actually LIVE them. The living is the part that scares most people because it will be far outside your comfort zone. But you know what? I'd take that EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, over living a life of lethargy and complacency.

Make your dreams happen!

If you don't know HOW to do it, that's okay. That's why I wrote my book, you can teach yourself. Just get Hustle Believe Receive and the HBR Homework Journal and for under $75 you will have all the tools you need to change your life and live your dreams! SERIOUSLY!


If you need a little more help and guidance then take my online course. It walks you through the 8-steps in 8-weeks so you can really learn how to master the #HBRMethod for YOUR life.

And if you work better with a one on one coach, then you can personally work with me, and I can teach you my method and help you master it.

The bottom line is there is NO EXCUSE for living a life that you are not passionate about. If you are, it's only because you are refusing to invest in doing the work and mastering this method. Because it WORKS. You know it does. If you are reading this, it's because you've been following me and have watched it work in my life in real time.

So, what are you waiting for?

There's no excuse.

We get one shot at this life, make it kick ass!

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Sarah Centrella is a #1 best-selling author of several self-help books, a motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, Founder of VIVIAMO and podcast host.

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