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COACHING: My Biggest Advice, Lessons & Tips for Entrepreneurs & Future Entrepreneurs

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Today on the show I'm sharing my REAL, RAW, and HONEST journey of what life as an entrepreneur has been like the past 7 years. These are my biggest lessons, tips, coaching, and advice to new or would-be entrepreneurs.

This week marks 7 years since I left my corporate job as a National Sales Director for a high-tech company, to start my coaching business, and let me tell you... it's been a journey! It's been filled with dramatic highs and lows and I've questioned myself a million times along the way, but what I've never done is, quit. It's hard to believe that I've actually been at this over twice as long as I ever stayed at a single job my entire life!

Through this journey I've learned so much, most of it the HARD WAY, so that's why I always keep it real about what it's actually like to make this giant move, it's not all just a shiny IG story!

It's the reason I teach all aspects of starting and running a business in my life coach training program, to me, that is as important as learning how to coach. (If you're interested in working with me privately to elevate your business or any aspect of your life, you can apply here).

Here's some of the advice I wish someone had given me.

If you are thinking of quitting your day job to start your passion business, listen to this first!


💕Be sure to save this episode and come back to it when you’re ready to implement these tips ⬇️Lessons shared on the show

  • The importance of having a clear long-term vision that EXCITES and motivates you.

  • Know your “why” and why it matters, what its impact will be on your life.

  • Be willing to sacrifice everything

  • Be ready and willing to fail, a lot.

  • Adapt, pivot, and change… often.

  • Keep it simple, stick to what’s working until it floats you.

  • Quite outside noise (don’t follow everyone in your industry or space).•Listen to the advice that works for you.

  • Just start.

These lessons and more, plus my REAL, RAW, and honest entrepreneur story, what it’s really been like the last seven years…. BEFORE I had a multi-six-figure business.

What tips resonated with you? What questions do you have about #entrepreneurship ? Go to my Instagram and comment or DM me your questions. 


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About your host: Sarah Centrella is the best-selling author of several self-help books. She is a master life coach, manifesting expert, and motivational speaker, and Founder of VIVIAMO which provides personal development coaching to corporate teams. 


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