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COACHING: How Your Love Language Effects More Than Your Romantic Life

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How Your Love Language Effects More Than Your Love Life. The 5 Love Languages.

Welcome back! On today's show, I'm talking about The 5 Love Languages and why they are such a BIG DEAL. Your love language is affecting ALL your relationships, not just the romantic, or potential romantic ones, and if you don't know yours... you're about to change that!

How Your Love Language Effects More Than Your Love Life. The 5 Love Languages.

First, regardless of whether you've taken the test before or not, take it again! We change as we grow up, mature, evolve, etc. and so your dominant language may have changed since the last time you took it, get to know yourself for who you are NOW, and learn what you need to feel loved, adored, appreciated, and seen, now.

The 5 Love Languages are:

1. Acts of Service

2. Receiving Gifts

3. Quality Time

4. Words of Affermations

5. Physical Touch

You can watch a short video explaining each HERE

Take the time to educate yourself on what yours is. Come up with examples and ways to communicate your needs with your partner or anyone you date. It is one of the first questions I ask anyone I'm considering dating, and before I even go on a first date I make sure they understand it and have effectively been able to "get it." And I do the same for them.

More on Words of Affirmations

What do you think? Has knowing yours made communication, intimacy, and connection deeper? Could you be with someone who doesn't get yours or even try to?

I wanna hear your thoughts on this episode, comment on my Instagram @sarahcentrella and let me know! Each week I pick a winner from all comments and shares.

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