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My Life Plan: 2011 by Sarah Centrella

My Life Plan Rome Italy

My Life Plan: 2011 by Sarah Centrella

NOTE: I wrote and posted this life plan on my blog Thoughts.Stories.Life. in September of 2011. It was my very first #LifePlan.

"It's 2016: I am 41, Kanen is 13 and the girls are 9 years old.

I’m standing on the balcony of a villa over-looking the Italian countryside. Vineyards stretched out over the rolling hills. It’s a warm summer evening, lavender in the air. I take a slow sip from my glass of wine; inhale the bouquet, let my nose do a little dance, savoring the flavors swirling them around my mouth.

There’s a tall, gorgeous man walking towards me with the open bottle of Barbaresco. He graciously tops off my glass, leans in to kiss my forehead, and rests his hand on the small of my back. We lean against the brick railing, and I laugh watching the girls play in the vineyard. They are kicking the soccer ball, trying to score a goal against their strong tall older brother. A few of the neighbor boys are playing too, working up a sweet, shouting soccer plays in Italian. They try to keep the ball from the girls, who are enjoying the competition.

My kids are laughing and saying things like “Ciao” and “Bella”.

I’m happy. The kind of happy that glows on the inside, and never stops manifesting itself on the outside. The kind that brings its best friend, joy along for the ride. I’m at peace. Content beyond measure. I’m not worried about anything. Not money, not bills. Not schedules, or emails, texts, Facebook, or phones. Nothing but this moment occupies my thoughts. I don’t have to work 9-5 anymore. This is the reward for a lifetime of pain, suffering, struggle and hard work.

My Life Plan: 2011 by Sarah Centrella
manifested Italy trip

Time does not expire here. We play, we eat amazing food, we cook. We shop in the open air markets; we drink wine, and sip espresso. The kids use their Italian to order dinner when we go out to dimly lit restaurants with large Italian grandmothers bringing us plates of meet and pasta. We eat fresh seafood that leathery old fishermen bring off their aging fishing boats. Dip warm freshly baked bread in cold pressed olive oil. We drive to the Rivera in a sports car, the girls and I with scarfs around our hair like 1940’s movie stars. We stay in brightly colored stucco hotels overlooking the cliffs with the mist of the sea in the air. Drink chilled Champagne. We take the train, go to museums, and sing hymns in ancient cathedrals. Our minds expand, our knowledge grows. We love each other without condition.

This is heaven. This is what I hustle for. This is my dream, and one day it will be my Pinch me Moment."

UPDATE: Read my post "How I Manifested My Trip to Italy" and see just how spot on my #LifePlan was, it went from just words on a page to my reality! And get this... when my kids and I went to Italy it was Oct 2016 (five years and one month from the date I wrote this), I was 41, my son was 13 and my girls were 9. Can you say #ManifestThat!?

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