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PR Office

Current Openings

Interested in joining our team? Centrella Global LLC is currently looking for passionate people who love helping others and want to change lives. 

Internships are open to all (not just college students) and are the entry point into our team. 

Social network concept

Marketing Intern

We are currently seeking an energetic and knowledgeable marketing intern to work directly with Sarah Centrella on all aspects of marketing and promotion. 

Download the job description below to learn more.

Sales Intern

Interested in learning the sales process for entrepreneurs and service-based companies? Work directly with Sarah Centrella, a former C-level corporate sales executive to learn the business of sales while contributing to the growth of the business. 

Sales Agent
Graphic Designer Desk

Operations Intern

Are you great at details? A wiz at spreadsheets and organization? You might be just what we are looking for! 

Work directly with Sarah Centrella on all aspects of operations and planning. 

Tech Intern

Are you a wiz with technology? Podcasting, video editing, design, understanding software systems?

We are looking for an enthusiastic member of our intern team who loves all things tech!

Tech Accessories
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