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Podcast: Manifesting My Dream Life with Melinda Grace

Okay, if you've been skeptical up to this point on just how INCREDIBLE my #HBRMethod for manifesting your dream life really is, this is the show for you!

I've been trying to tell the world that this method is special. It can TRANSFORM lives in a SHORT period of time, and can deliver your dreams so fast and accurately that your head will spin! And there's no better example of this then today's guest.

Melinda Grace is a client I worked with in 2020, and trained to be a certified HBR life coach. When I met her in January of 2020, she was a single mom of two young children, working her tail off and dreaming off meeting the love of her life, slowing down her life and becoming a life coach.

And now...? Well you'll just have to listen, because I can't do it justice!

Follow Melinda's journey on Instagram @melinda_grace_life_coaching

Sarah Centrella podcast

About your host: Sarah Centrella is the best-selling author of Hustle Believe Receive and #futureboards. She is a master life coach, manifesting expert, and motivational speaker. Follow Sarah on Instagram and join the conversation @sarahcentrella and learn more at LOVING MY PODCAST? Pay it forward by sharing it and leaving a review on iTunes, that would be amazing!

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