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Ep 38. Feng Shui Home Tips with Kim Downey

Feng Shui Home Tips with Kim Downey.

NEW PODCAST EPISODE: The Sarah Centrella Show

Oh, this is a good show ya'll! Today I'm chatting with my client Kim Downey who's a certified Feng Shui consultant, about manifesting her dream life with #futureboards and how she's living her dream by creating a business around her passion for Feng Shui. Kim shares her Feng Shui Home Tips.

Kim's manifesting story is astounding! She is literally living a totally different life than she was before reading #futureboards 18 months ago! It gives me chills. It's been so fun to watch her dreams come to life and see her business form and grow in my Coaching Circle. I'm telling you if you want to start living your dreams you need to SHOW UP for them! You need to invest in them and get the coaching/support and accountability that will help you get to that next level!

Follow Kim on Insta @lakelifefengshui

Feng Shui Home Tips


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