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Updated: Nov 6, 2019


When I wrote my first book (an attempt at my memoir) in 2012 I learned quickly that writing a book, and getting it traditionally published are two entirely different things. I learned that there's a very specific order to things, and if you don't do each step correctly you can destroy your chances of ever getting your book published.

Needless to say, my first book was not published.

Learning things the hard way has one big upside, you don't make those mistakes twice! Not only that, now I have a blueprint that others can follow, a short-cut past the mistakes. It took a few years and another failed book before I got it right. 

In 2015 I signed with my current literary agent, which in its own right is a HUGE accomplishment, and a mandatory first step to getting traditionally published. This came after years of trying to get an agent but going about it the wrong way, with work that wasn't ready to be submitted. Six months after signing with my agent, we received three publishing offers.

In December of 2015, I signed my book deal with Skyhorse Publishing in New York. That deal was sold on my book proposal alone (the book was not yet written). I had exactly six months from the time I signed the deal, to turn in the finished manuscript. That might seem like a long time, but trust me it's nothing, especially for a 372-page book! 

My first book, Hustle Believe Receive was released on January 5th, 2016, that day it climbed to #8 on Amazon's hot new releases. In April of 2016, it hit #1 in self-help (it's primary category), #1 in Happiness, #1 in Personal Transformation, #4 in non-fiction and made the top 100 (out of 8 million books) in the general books category. As of this moment (April 2017), it remains in the top 100 in all its categories. 

And in July of 2019 my follow up book #FutureBoards (published by Simon & Shuster) was released and picked up by Target stores nationwide. It has hit #1 in all it's categories several times on Amazon as well.

And now I want to make other would-be authors' dreams a reality, by sharing my knowledge of the publishing world and providing the guidance I wish I had when I started years ago. Here's your chance to be personally coached by a best-selling author on what it takes to get your book traditionally published.


This program is for the serious aspiring author. It's ideal for anyone who's written their first book and isn't sure how to navigate the complex world of traditional publishing, and wants their manuscript to withstand the critical eye of a publishing editor. You get one chance to submit your manuscript, so making it count is everything. 

It includes a bye-weekly one-on-one call with me each month. I'll share my first-hand knowledge of the publishing world, and what it takes to get your book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Come each week with your questions and take advantage of our time together. Also, come with an open mind, this process can be painful to a first-time author because my job is to critically help your work become the best it can be, so be open to feedback.


  • I will read and provide unbiased feedback on your work. This gives a much needed critical "outsiders" view of how your work comes across to a new reader. Is the voice consistent throughout the work? Does the story make sense to someone who knows nothing about it (aka a green reader)? Are there holes or gaps in the content/story? Does the flow work?

  • Advice on rewriting and taking editors' feedback. It's wise to know going in, that your book will go through MANY lives. That first draft your holding, the one you're so excited about? It is a LONG way from being ready to submit, and an even LONGER way from what the final version will become. Be open to that. Know it going in, it will make the process much less painful. This is true of ALL books and all writers. Writing improves, grows and matures with each rewrite. This phase is critical. 

  • How to get a good copy editor. Part of the writing process is hiring a copy editor before you submit your work. Their job is to proof your manuscript against current book editing standards. This is not a step you want to skip.

  • Address any questions you have regarding using a ghostwriter for part or all of your projects. 

  • How to find the right agent for your genre and your work. You cannot be traditionally published without an agent. They are the only people who can submit manuscripts and proposals to a publishing house, so getting the agent is often the hardest part. Agents only get paid when they sell your book, so an agent won't work with you unless they feel confident your book will sell. That's why what you submit to them must be perfect and follow protocol. 

  • How to properly query an agent and feedback on your query letter. This is a very specific step with specific rules and guidelines that must be followed. (Note: if you want me to write your query letter that is an additional cost).

  • How to navigate the proposal process and feedback on your proposal. Not all books need a proposal, but specific genres MUST have one, it is submitted instead of actual work. In these cases the proposal is EVERYTHING and it is your one shot to get noticed by an agent and publisher. (Note: if you want me to write your proposal that is an additional cost).

  • What to expect when you land a publishing deal. Will you get an advance? How much is normal for your genre and a first-time author? What do publishers offer in terms of book tours? Marketing? Promotions? 

  • Why your "platform" is everything. I would never have gotten a book deal without previously creating a platform. A platform is your following, your audience. These days unknown authors rarely get published without it. Do you have a social media following? Do you have a blog? Has your work been previously published? If so, where? Have you won writing awards? All these things matter, the publisher will consider all of this as a package deal with your book. To them, it's the security in knowing that you can sell your book to your audience. If you don't have one, now is the time to create it.

So if you have a book and are ready to get serious about getting it published then let's get started!

Cost: $4,500 

Email team@sarahcentrella.com to get started, serious inquiries only, please.

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And in July of 2019, my follow up book

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