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Sandy Beach

Coed Retreat -Mexico

July 22-26th 2024

Join me in Mexico!

Hi there! I'm Sarah Centrella, master life coach, mindset and manifesting expert and three-time best-selling author.

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce my inaugural coed personal development retreat, extending a warm welcome to individuals of all genders!

This groundbreaking retreat marks a historic first as it takes place within the splendid confines of an all-inclusive resort. Participants have the flexibility to curate their own accommodations and even invite partners or family members to join them for a vacation experience like no other.

Prepare for a transformative journey filled with daily, immersive coaching sessions that will propel you towards personal growth. Simultaneously, relish the freedom to explore and enjoy the resort's amenities at your leisure, either solo or as part of a vibrant group dynamic. This retreat is your opportunity to embrace self-discovery, empowerment, and relaxation, all in one extraordinary package.

Are you ready to create the balanced, joyful, successful, and abundant life you truly deserve? And where better to embark on this transformative journey and acquire life-changing tools than in the beautiful backdrop of Mexico!

mexico retreat.jpeg
mexico retreat.jpeg

Unlock Your Potential  Manifest Your Dreams  Transform Your Life!

Imagine yourself in the serene beauty of Mexico, where the sun-kissed beaches and vibrant culture provide the perfect canvas for your personal transformation. At this exclusive retreat, we'll dive deep into the power of mindset, manifesting your desires, and crafting a future brimming with happiness and purpose.

  • Master Your Mindset: Learn the art of cultivating a positive mindset that empowers you to conquer challenges and seize opportunities.

  • Manifest Your Dreams: Discover the secrets to turning your deepest desires into tangible realities through the power of manifestation.

  • Personal Transformation: Undergo a profound metamorphosis as you shed limiting beliefs and unlock your true potential.

  • Unleash Happiness: Delve into the science of happiness and uncover the keys to leading a joy-filled life.

  • Vision for the Future: Craft a crystal-clear vision for your future, setting you on a path towards purpose and fulfillment.


What's Included...

france retreat.jpg
france retreat.jpg

Daily Coaching Workshops

This retreat is Transformation Bootcamp™ LIVE!! 


Master my 9-step method for manifesting, personal transformation, and mindset in Just 4 Days!

This is the same coaching I've been teaching in my 10-week program for years, and trust me.... IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE in every area! 

Join me for an immersive group coaching experience where you'll learn to not only create but LIVE your dream life. This is your chance to receive personalized training directly from me while forging deep connections with inspiring, like-minded individuals from all across the US and beyond!

Learn More About My Coaching


Plus daily meditation, beach yoga, two group dinners, and one adventure!

Group Meditation
Yoga on Beach

The Resort

Conrad tulum riviera maya


*Not included in ticket price

Experience the allure of Tulum at the prestigious Conrad Resort—a magnificent, all-inclusive haven of luxury that remains astonishingly affordable.


With a plethora of room options, book your stay to be perfectly tailored to your desires.

Discover a world of excitement and relaxation with an array of activities and world-class dining. Families can enjoy the child-friendly amenities, making it an ideal destination for you, or anyone you'd like to bring along. 

You can book your room at any of the travel booking sites such as Expedia or directly through Hilton.


This allows you to space out the three purchase elements of the trip, grab your retreat ticket now, book hotel when you're ready, and then your flight. I love spacing out the cost of a trip in this way. 

Book Hotel 

Your Retreat Ticket

Includes the following

Included with your per-person retreat ticket:

  • 4 hours of daily coaching workshops at the resort with our small group for 4 days.  ($4,500 value)

  • My LIVE Transformation Bootcamp™ lifetime access to the online course ($597 value)

  • 2 private 60-minute coaching calls with me, one before and one after the event to ensure you get the most from the coaching and workshops ($1,198 value)

  • Group Connect -private group chat the month before our trip so you can share travel, connect with attendees and make plans if desired to meet up before or after, you will NOT be alone! It's a great chance to get to know other attendees in advance.

  • Morning meditation/yoga session

  • 2 group dinners

  • 1 group excursion including transport

Ticket valued at over $6,400!!!

NOTE: ONLY retreat ticket holders can attend the retreat events listed above


*Does NOT include hotel or meals (outside of the 2 dinners mentioned above). Does NOT include airfare. Does NOT include transport from airport.  Does NOT include anything not mentioned above.

Learn more about my retreats, see reviews, a full photo gallery and answers to all the most commonly asked questions HERE

Reserve Your Spot Now!!
One payment of $2,997
9 payments of $388

Resort  Accommodations

Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya 


I've chosen a beautiful luxury, all-inclusive hotel for our retreat, that you will book separately. It is NOT included in the cost of your retreat ticket. This gives you the freedom to book how you see fit and to share your room (if desired) with whomever you like. This also ensures everyone's privacy for our first coed retreat!


Note: you can book through any online site, shop around for the best room rates.




JOIN ME IN Greece in 2024 

Wanna attend a women-only travel adventure retreat instead? My small group private villa retreat in Greece will be the trip of a lifetime! 


Is this refundable?

No. This is a NON-refundable purchase. 


There are NO REFUNDS in part or in whole.

However if you are not able to attend for any reason, you will be able to apply your paid purchase amount to any other event or coaching package. 

What if I can't travel?

In the event you are unable to travel (for any reason, including a COVID diagnosis), you will receive a credit toward private coaching with Sarah good for the value of your paid purchase.

Do I need a passport?


Make sure it will be current and valid during our entire trip.

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