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Centrella Global  LLC  | Portland, OR  | Copyright 2019

How to Create and Manifest the Life You Want

Talk Description

Best-selling author Sarah Centrella is the expert when it comes to manifesting the life you want! 

Sarah started her manifesting journey in 2009 after hitting rock bottom, as a broke and struggling single mom. 

To turn her life around she focused on creating a "dream life" for herself and her children, displaying it on her first vision board. 

Since then Sarah has manifested SIX #FutureBoards and the life she dreamed of back then. She's taught thousands of people around the world how to do the same.


Sarah will be sharing the tools featured in her upcoming book #FutureBoards and her secrets for creating a board that will transform your life!


You'll learn how to: dream HUGE and get visually specific about those dreams, how to identify what you want in all areas of your life, how to focus on experiences (not things), how to create your future life, first on Pinterest, then on your #FutureBoard, and finally IN REAL LIFE!