#FutureBoard Workshop

From Dream to Reality!

Breakout session or workshop
90-minutes to 3-hours.
Ideal audience: corporate teams, women's groups, sales teams, direct marketing teams, conference breakout sessions, team building

Two-time best-selling author Sarah Centrella shares her secrets for creating and manifesting your dream life with #futureboards.

As the premier manifesting expert and creator of #futureboards Sarah shares her unique method for how to identify what you want in all areas of your life. 

Your audience will learn how to use Pinterest to visualize their future life, find the right pictures for their #futureboard, how to dream bigger than ever before, while identifying and removing any blocks to manifesting.


This workshop can also teach participants how to remove a "broke mindset" (money hangups), and an "unworthiness mindset," helping them move past beliefs that have held them back in the past. 

It is part hands-on, via interactive exercises we do as a group, which helps bond the attendees in a very special and powerful way (great for team building). The Pinterest tutorial is also hands on and interactive. 

This workshop provides all the training tools your team will need to complete the foundational homework to make their physical boards after the event.

Includes a signed copy of Sarah's book #futureboards and the PDF version of her #futureboards workbook

NOTE: this is NOT a typical "vision board workshop" there's no magazines, no crafting or cutting. This is intentional future-casting, teaching your audience how to custom create their dream future lives. 

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